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How long does a background investigation take?

The average turnaround time for a background investigation by Commercial Investigations LLC is one and a half business days.
A completed background investigation at Commercial Investigations LLC is one where every inquiry is completed with the appropriate details.  We do not close verifications as unreachable on day three like some background check companies do to keep their turnaround time down.  We do not close an education or employment verification without the client's approval unless there is no way the information can be obtained, e.g. company went out of business and no one has any records, etc.
At Commercial Investigations LLC, we will do everything in our power to turnaround all background investigations within three business days or less. Every inquiry is worked on daily and most two times a day. We are staffed heavier than most background screening companies so we can have all the man power necessary to deliver a quality report in the least amount of time. When it becomes out of our control and an inquiry will not be relayed in a timely fashion, we indicate this by putting a note in the executive summary of the report which can be viewed as it is in progress. This notifies our clients that we expect a delay.

What does a typical background investigation include?

Our Best Practices is a great place to begin any background investigation.  Origin™ is a very robust and inclusive social security, address, and national criminal search.  That partnered with county criminal and sex offender searches makes for a great accumulation of key data.

From there, individual organizational needs will determine the best searches to add to your package.  Federal criminal, motor vehicle reports and healthcare related inquiries are among the most popular.

What is the cost?

The cost of background investigations vary depending on the needs of your organization.  Some background investigations can be as low as $20 for a very minimal search, or hundreds of dollars for something more extensive.  We are very sensitive to the needs of non-profit organizations and also consider volume pricing for many of our clients.  If you would like to get an idea of how much a background investigation would cost based on your needs, please give us a call and one of our business development team members can customize a quote for you.

What could cause a delay?

Court systems across the country vary in the amount of time they take to look up certain information that we need to complete background investigations.  We have developed direct relationships with many of them to try and speed up the process of obtaining criminal records.

We also deal with many different schools and employers across the nation that have their own processes for education and employment verifications.  We have developed systems to speed up the process and are proud of our quick turn-around time.

When employment applications are incomplete or a subject has not properly filled out a consent form, we may need to reach out and acquire additional information to complete the investigation.

Is there anything I can do to speed up the process?

Stressing the importance of filling out forms accurately and legibly can greatly reduce possible obstacles in the process.

Additionally, using our electronic consent option helps speed up the process at all stages of the investigation.  Learn how to adopt an online process and start saving valuable hiring time.

Filling Out a Service Agreement

Download a copy of our service agreement.
Completely fill out the service agreement and return by fax (212-937-3858) or email ([email protected]).  Even if a page is not filled out, please return it blank. There should be a total of 22 pages when returning the agreement... more.

View a Sample Report

To see a step by step video tutorial of viewing a completed report, click here.
 Click here to view a sample report in .pdf form.

Can I submit background investigations online?

You can!  Our staff can set you up so that you can go virtually paperless.

How do we stay in compliance?

As a staff, we try to stay current with forms, adverse procedures, and are available to ask questions at any time.  You should always consult an attorney to setup and review your hiring process whenever you have a question that you feel may need attention.

Is My Information Secure?

Commercial Investigations LLC takes security very seriously.  

Primary Data Center
Our primary data center is a SSAE 16 SOC II Certified; PCI, HIPPA audited; NEBS Standard Compliant; Telecom-Class data center.  Employee access requires both a badge and a fingerprint scan.

Data Encryption Standards
All sensitive data which leaves the facility over the internet must be encrypted using at least 128 bit encryption (256 bit encryption is preferred). All SSL web servers must be configured to attempt 256 bit encryption, fail to 128 bit encryption, and deny access if at least 128 bit encryption is not available.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. SSL is an industry standard and is used by millions of websites in the protection of online transactions.

General Website Security Measures
To be able to create an SSL connection a web server requires an SSL Certificate.  The web server then creates two cryptographic keys - a Private Key and a Public Key.  You can easily see if SSL connections are in place by a website you are on by the lock icon located in the browser (generally placed near the web address bar, but sometimes elsewhere) which ensures that SSL Certificates have been obtained and SSL connections are active.

If further information is needed, please contact us at [email protected]