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VolChecked was started in 2013 to provide a cost effective solution for volunteers.

A VolChecked Individual pays for their own volunteer background investigation.  This allows the volunteer to control their background and use it for multiple volunteer situations.  It also alleviates the financial burden background investigations can have on VolChecked Organizations.  By entering their own personal information via a secure online portal the VolChecked Individual controls their sensitive data.  Click here if you are a volunteer looking for more information.

VolChecked helps relieve the financial burden of volunteer organizations.

By allowing the volunteer to enter their personal information via an online secure portal and to pay for their own background investigations the VolChecked Organization preserves valuable time and monetary resources which can be directed towards the organization's mission.  Click here if you want more information on becoming a VolChecked Organization.


Volunteers Say...


“I'm always worried about my social security number or sensitive data being stolen.  With VolChecked, I control my background investigation and know my information is safe.”

- Samantha Masterson

“VolChecked is a big money saver.  Now I can have one background investigation completed and I'm able to share it with all of the organizations I volunteer for."
- Bob Marx

“I signed up for the Platinum membership so I could be ready to go at a moment's notice!  Now I don't have to wait for days if a disaster strikes.”
- Justin Howard



Make sure you have the correct package selected to suit the needs of your volunteer organization.  Your volunteers can have different levels of background investigations completed depending on their contribution level to your organization or access to sensitive data.



We know how sensitive personal data is.   We offer a safe and secure online application process in place for your volunteers.  If you already know the level you want, please contact a member of our business development team to get started today.



Wait for your volunteers to complete the simple online process and then enjoy the cost saving benefits of having your volunteers pay for their own background

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