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What is Vigilant LENS? 

The Department of Motor Vehicle License Event Notification Service (LENS) reviews driver license records of your organization’s drivers and reports changes to you by email, on DMV business days.

Let Commercial Investigations do all the back end work of vetting your employees and keeping an eye on their driving infractions for you.  You won’t need to keep any amount in escrow (DMV asks for a $10 deposit), and CI will bill you with an itemized line item in your regular bill.  Save time, energy, and remain in compliance - CI can help you do all three. 

Commercial Investigations will instantly notify you about the following events when they post to your drivers’ license records via LENS through the DMV as our client:

  • Accidents (reportable)

  • Convictions

  • Expirations

  • HazMat (Hazardous Material) endorsement changes

  • MedCert (Medical Certification) status changes

  • Point and Insurance Reduction Program completions

  • License status changes

  • Suspensions and Revocations

You will receive the initial Main Abstract (motor vehicle report), then simple notifications.

Benefits of the LENS service provided through Commercial Investigations include:

  • Convenience with our company billing already in place

  • Familiarity with our team and our procedures

  • Increased confidence in the credentials of your drivers

  • Determination of a driver’s license status immediately

  • Ability to produce an abstract at any time (including CDL abstracts)

  • Immediate identification of problem drivers

  • Enhanced pre-employment screening

  • Full preparation for DOT & Insurance audits

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