Commercial Investigations LLC

About Us

Your Proactive Truth Partner™


A Certified Woman Owned Licensed Private Investigative Agency

We provide background investigations with human intervention.  Our team of trained investigators and specialists provide clients with information to make educated hiring decisions.
We offer:
Services tailored to your specific needs
Guidance on compliance related issues
Timely and accurate reports
CI provides the Proactive Truth™ regarding applicants, thereby reducing turnover and limiting exposure to civil liability.  We serve clients both in the United States and internationally.


we do:

We outshine our competition by creating tailored services packages and utilizing a comprehensive investigative approach. You'll be impressed with CI's exceptional client service:

Thoroughness:  Layers of scrutiny are built into our procedures to ensure maximum possible accuracy before we deliver your results.  CI ensures the integrity of data by going straight to the source to verify data, thus providing accurate and up-to-date results.  This brings added value and maximizes compliance in your existing hiring processes.

Turn-around time:  From within 2-4 hours to less than 1.5 business days on average.

Availability:  A team of trained investigators is available to assist you by answering any questions you may have during business hours.  As a client, our company president is also available after normal business hours for maximum convenience.

Innovation:  We offer exclusive products and services, in addition to standard industry searches, available only through our company, given unique partnerships with authoritative entities:

Why us?

We provide you with accurate, timely, cost effective, and fully compliant reports supported by high standards of customer service.  Commercial Investigations LLC provides the Proactive Truth™ to our partners regarding applicants, thereby reducing turnover and limiting exposure to civil liability.

Human Intervention
We understand the value of database technology but are also well aware of the limitations.  Human intervention assures the quality our clients have come to appreciate with us.  We review and compare the information obtained from each specific inquiry with all other result information.  As trained investigators, we can quickly determine inconsistencies and areas of concern.  Meet our staff →
The Investigative Approach
Although all background screening entities located in New York State are required to be licensed private investigative agencies, most do not handle background screening with an investigative approach.  Commercial Investigations is staffed with trained investigators that treat every background screening as a background investigation.  We look at the whole picture, compare the results from each inquiry on a subject, and make sure the completed information relayed to you is both reliable and easily understood.
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