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Employers should consider doing a Motor Vehicle inquiry on any applicant that will be assuming a position which requires them to drive a vehicle to perform their work duties.  A MOTOR VEHICLE inquiry should be done regardless of whether the applicant will be driving a facility-owned vehicle, their own vehicle, or a rental vehicle.  The information available through a MOTOR VEHICLE inquiry also provides a more complete integrity verification and understanding of the applicant, even if they are not assuming a position that requires them to drive a vehicle.
The MOTOR VEHICLE inquiry contains the licensee’s address, license class, date of birth, Social Security Number (in some states), driving violations, accidents, suspensions/revocations and more.  Most states also include gender, height, weight, eye color and/or hair color.
The identifying data revealed by the MOTOR VEHICLE inquiry provides a means to verify applicant supplied data, especially the date of birth.  An applicant’s date of birth is very important to verify, as it is a key piece of information used to determine if an applicant has any prior criminal convictions.
A MOTOR VEHICLE inquiry will reveal a suspended/revoked license, patterns of reckless behavior, insurance risks and/or substance abuse.  If your employee is irresponsible or negligent with a motor vehicle, or otherwise, your organization may be held responsible for any accidents or incidents that occur as a result.  Therefore, motor vehicle information can be very beneficial to obtain on all applicants.


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