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Criminal Inquiries

County Criminal 


A COUNTY CRIMINAL inquiry is highly recommended as a minimum criminal record search to ensure the discovery of any misdemeanor or felony charges that may have been brought against a subject.  Due to compliance standards, county criminal searches are usually run where a subject has lived.  CI conducts County Criminal inquiries by submitting a query to a professional court researcher who physically retrieves the records from the appropriate jurisdiction.  Examples of charges that can be revealed through a County Criminal Inquiry include assault, robbery and murder. More often, a County Criminal inquiry uncovers “minor” convictions such as theft, drug possession or shoplifting that are very relevant to employers seeking the best applicants.
Note that in New York State, county level searches reveal felonies only and will not reveal “minor” crimes considered misdemeanors such as those mentioned above.  For this reason, CI does not recommend that county level only searches be performed in New York State.