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Identity Verification Inquiries
•  Origin™
•  SSN and Address Verification
•  Consent Based SSN Verification (CBSV)

Criminal Inquiries
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•  Cursory Indicator New York™
•  Statewide Criminal
•  County Criminal
•  Federal Criminal
•  Sex Offender
•  Global Scan
•  Global Scan Plus
•  International Criminal
•  Cyber Investigation™
•  Department of Corrections
Credit Inquiries
•  Credit Report Employment
•  Credit Report Tenant
Motor Vehicle Inquiries
•  Motor Vehicle
Verification Inquiries
•  Employment Verification
•  Education Verification
•  Reference Verification
•  Professional License
Industry Specific Inquiries
•  Health Care Comply Plus™
•  Office of Inspector General Exclusion
•  General Services Administration Exclusion
Tenant Screening Specific Inquiries
•  National Tenant Check™
•  Landlord Verification
Social Media Inquiries

•  Cyber Investigation™ Level 1
•  Cyber Investigation™ Level 2
•  Drug Testing
•  Fingerprinting
Employment Eligibility Verification
•  E-Verify
•  Compliance I-9

Vigilant™ Services
Continuous Monitoring
•  Vigilant MEDS
•  Vigilant LENS
•  Vigilant NY
•  Vigilant US

Commercial Investigations LLC (CI) will coordinate Fingerprinting for your employees as an important component of your background investigation services.

By using Commercial Investigations LLC as the one entity to take care of all your background components, our staff will help you avoid the hassles of dealing with a separate company for customer service and billing processes associated with fingerprinting.  

One of our trained investigators will work with your prospective employee to obtain their profile information, schedule and complete a fully compliant fingerprinting appointment, reschedule appointments if necessary, work with The New York State Justice Center, and ensure a print result reaches your team in a timely manner.  CI can roll this service into your existing policy so you will receive only one itemized bill.

If your organization would like to learn more about how this process works and establish a fingerprinting policy, contact CI to explain your options, and implement a program appropriate for your needs.