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Reference Verification


CI's professional REFERENCE is a detailed, comprehensive interview conducted with the subject's  references.  Former supervisors, former co-workers or friends who provide information about your applicant are somewhat more subjective than normal performance questions included on an employment verification.  Thus, a REFERENCE check gives the client information beyond the facts of employment. It provides insight into performance, attitude and interpersonal skills and important feedback for determining whether the subject is compatible with your work environment.
We prefer to interview business rather than personal references, as they are in closer contact with the applicant and can usually comment with accuracy on the ability, experience and background in which you are interested.
The information acquired includes character traits and/or habits, strengths and/or weaknesses, and whether or not the reference would recommend the applicant for employment.  In addition, details of the reference's relationship with the applicant are provided, including how long they have been acquainted and the type of relationship they have/had.  In all, the interview consists of 10 well-tailored questions which are customizable at the client's request, and a scale interview which quantifies the subject's abilities numerically.