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Press Releases

CIware 2.0 Super Tips

With most of our clients converted to the new software system, CIware 2.0, there has been a lot of learning going on! Our team has helped partners customize an experience that is tailored to their company’s specific needs. We have rounded up five of our favorite super tips to pass along. Hopefully you will enjoy these functionalities and suggest some of your own. We always value your feedback!

  1. Report viewing – When you click on reports and the list of subjects populates, you can set the list to different default views. For example, you can sort by name alphabetically, order date, status, or last update. As your catalog of applicants becomes longer, there can be an issue with finding recent orders that you are interested in viewing. Another great feature is that you can view your own specific reports, or add in certain team members. Your account administrator can help change these settings for you.
  2. Advanced invoicing reports – If you or your accounts payable department need to view details in order to approve payment, reports can be run for specific time periods or view all past invoices at any time. A summary or detailed view can be retrieved. If a spreadsheet file would be helpful in your workflow, you also have the ability to view invoice breakdowns that way as well.
  3. Customizing your consent form's required fields – All fields (other than the few required to run a background investigation) can be made mandatory, non-mandatory, or removed completely. Contact a member of our team to make any of these changes.
  4. Billing identifiers – It may make sense in your company to use billing identifiers to search for subjects based on different departments or locations. These fields can be made mandatory so members of your departments don’t forget to specify the information.
  5. Obtaining information through the applicant quick invite – Do you sometimes do education verifications, motor vehicle reports, or reference verifications? Your account can be customized to obtain information up front when the subject is completing their consent form. For example, you can choose to acquire a last name the subject has graduated under, past employers, and motor vehicle numbers. This saves valuable time and helps reduce data entry errors. You can choose to move forward with information the subject has entered, or leave it out of the order.

Have you found any favorite tips that others may benefit from? Maybe you have ideas for future enhancements or ways to make your workflow better. Please let us know! We are committed to making your experience as enjoyable as possible. Share your CIware 2.0 super tips, ideas, and wish list items at [email protected].

Sherry Kocienski