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Identity Verification Inquiries
•  Origin™
•  SSN and Address Verification
•  Consent Based SSN Verification (CBSV)

Criminal Inquiries
•  Origin™
•  Cursory Indicator New York™
•  Statewide Criminal
•  County Criminal
•  Federal Criminal
•  Sex Offender
•  Global Scan
•  Global Scan Plus
•  International Criminal
•  Cyber Investigation™
•  Department of Corrections
Credit Inquiries
•  Credit Report Employment
•  Credit Report Tenant
Motor Vehicle Inquiries
•  Motor Vehicle
Verification Inquiries
•  Employment Verification
•  Education Verification
•  Reference Verification
•  Professional License
Industry Specific Inquiries
•  Health Care Comply Plus™
•  Office of Inspector General Exclusion
•  General Services Administration Exclusion
Tenant Screening Specific Inquiries
•  National Tenant Check™
•  Landlord Verification
Social Media Inquiries

•  Cyber Investigation™ Level 1
•  Cyber Investigation™ Level 2
•  Drug Testing
•  Fingerprinting
Employment Eligibility Verification
•  E-Verify
•  Compliance I-9

Vigilant™ Services
Continuous Monitoring
•  Vigilant MEDS
•  Vigilant LENS
•  Vigilant NY
•  Vigilant US

Once an employee is hired or volunteer brought on, most organizations no longer look into an individuals’ background.  Continuously monitoring individuals for criminal activity is a prudent way to protect organizations after an individual is brought on as an employee, volunteer, tenant, or board member.  

Vigilant MEDS

Vigilant NY

Vigilant US

Vigilant LENS

CI’s Vigilant™ Services are highly-advanced post-hire screening solutions that monitor employees on an ongoing basis, alerting you to new criminal record information as well as changes to existing records.  

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  • Now, employers and volunteer organizations in NY have a way to monitor individuals with Vigilant NY™.

  • Employers are able to find out within 24 to 48 hours if an employee has been arrested. Vigilant US™ monitors individuals across the nation.

  • With Vigilant MEDS™, healthcare entities can continuously monitor their employees on the OMIG, Federal OIG, and Federal GSA exclusion lists.


CI’s proprietary solutions allow organizations continued peace of mind.

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