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CIware 2.0


walkthrough of a subject filling out an electronic consent form in ciware 2.0

After a subject is emailed an invitation to fill out an electronic consent form, the process is quick and easy.  Electronic consent is fully compliant and a time-saver for organizations (eliminating a paper trail and reducing data entry errors).

The software forces the subject to review the document, complete with their rights under the FCRA, before signing and approving the background investigation.

Depending on your organizational needs, fields can be made mandatory (such as driver's license number or phone number) and education, employment, and reference information can be required to submit at the time of consent.


Viewing Invoices in CIware 2.0

Viewing invoices is very easy to do in CIware 2.0.  After signing in, hover over admin on the toolbar and click My Invoices.  You are then able to view all past invoices.