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Service Agreement



Service Agreement

Completely fill out the service agreement and return by fax (212-937-3858) or email ([email protected]).  Even if a page is not filled out, please return it blank.  There should be a total of 22 pages when returning the agreement.
• On the section ‘Employment Related Credit Reports’ (page 1), if you will be running credit reports please indicate what type of business it will be used for.  If you will not be running credit reports, please indicate n/a.
• On the section ‘Tenant Related Credit Reports’ on page 2, if you will be running credit reports for tenant purposes, please indicate the reason for running the report.  If it is not for tenant related reasons, please mark n/a.
• On page 4, sign and date the Client Section.
• On page 5, please fill out the Vermont Addendum.  This is for all clients, not only those that would possibly run a credit report.  Some of the information is duplicative but please fill out completely.
• Page 7 requires information regarding your business.  Please fill out the top portion, indicate whether you will be using an electronic consent form (if you have requested this with Commercial Investigations), and complete the Billing Contact information as the person that will handle invoices.
• Page 6 requires you to designate end users to your account.  Only those listed as end users can have access to information or call Commercial Investigations regarding a background check.  This can be adjusted in the future in writing as necessary.
After we receive your service agreement, you will be setup in our system (usually within one business day) and will be emailed a welcome email that will provide you with further instructions on how to access your account online.
You’re ready to go!
Consent Forms
In order for Commercial Investigations to complete a background screening, each subject must complete a consent form.  When providing us with a completed consent form, in an effort to provide safe and secure services to our clients, CI cannot accept non-protected consent forms.  There are a number of alternative options to send files to us including:
1. Via encrypted messages (such as Cisco Registered Envelope Service)
2. Fax at (212) 937-3858
3. Password protected PDF documents

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