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Press Releases

No More Malarkey, Only French Fries

As happy as Prue was to have this new client liaison position at COPS, she was also nervous about what this “mission” from Phil would entail. After taking a few moments to review the incident that took place at the Fancy Valley and the Four Seasons holiday party, Prue had a plan.

On her way over to the Fancy Valley offices, Prue stopped at the local electronics dealer to buy the best computer money could buy. Her game plan was simple, introduce herself to both Duey and Justin, present the new computer to them as an apology and then use her secret weapon! Her secret weapon, in this instance, was a copy of her background investigation from Commercial Investigations LLC. She was hoping this gesture would show her transparency which she intended to bring to their relationship. No more malarkey, as Phil would say.

As she pulled up to the Fancy Valley offices, she couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the building looked.

“If this is the caliber of work they do for themselves, no wonder Phil will do anything to keep them as a vendor!” She mused to herself. After struggling for a moment to grab the gigantic computer box, Prue walked up to the office doors of Fancy Valley, but before she could open the door, it flung open. An innocent looking woman stared at Prue up and down and then said, “I believe, we’ve been expecting you.”

Prue nearly fainted, as the box was very dense. The woman, who must have noticed Prue’s change in complexion, quickly showed Prue a table where she could place the heavy box. She then introduced herself as Truly Wright, Administrative Assistant to both Justin and Duey.

“I didn’t mean to scare you!” Truly said, “I just got excited when I saw the present; I’ll go get Mr. Diligence for you!”

Truly went into the other room to grab Duey.“ Mr. Diligence, I have a Prue Fict here to see you,” she said as she grabbed Duey by the arm, dragging him into the other room. When Duey entered the room his jaw nearly dropped to the floor. He knew Phil was sending someone over to try and apologize for what happened at the holiday party, but he never imagined someone like Prue. Before he had a chance to say anything or even catch his breath, Prue started speaking at a mile a minute.

“Hello Mr. Diligence, my name is Prue, the new client liaison for COPS. I first wanted to start by offering our sincerest apologies for what happened at your party. We had no idea Rob Berry would cause such a fuss. We would also like to give you this computer to replace the one damaged by Rob and his date. Moving forward, COPS will do whatever it takes to mend our relationship and in the spirit of openness, here is a copy of my full background investigation, as run by Commercial Investigations LLC. Thank you for that recommendation, by the way.” Prue was running out of breath when Duey finally spoke up.

“Please call me Duey, Mr. Diligence is my father.” At this moment Justin walked in and saw Duey, eyes wide staring at Prue when he chimed in

“Ms. Fict, thank you so much for this apology and the computer. I can assure you that there are no hard feelings on our end.” He then reached for a copy of Prue’s background investigation, while flipping through the pages he notices, that she has an international education verification. “I see you studied in France. That must have been fun!”

Prue, still staring at Duey said, “Yes, I really enjoyed my time there.” From the other side of the room Duey stammered out “I love France and French fries and French toast”

Justin looked between the two of them and thought to himself, “These two are probably going to fall in love.”

What will happen between Duey and Prue?

Will their blossoming relationship cause issues between Fancy Valley and COPS?

Will Duey realize that French Fries and French toast are not actually French?

Michelle Pyan