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Press Releases

Clash of the Investigators

National flags snapping proudly in the wind, inspirational sounds of brass and timpani playing Aaron Copland’s Fanfare for the Common Man, President Michelle Pyan racing up with the torch to light the Olympic cauldron...yes, the CI Olympics began (and ended) the afternoon of Friday, June 14.  The Guardians and Due Damage faced off against each other in a grueling test to determine bragging rights for the next year.

Unknown skills shone through in competitions of ladder ball and corn hole. While some contenders had a difficult time finding the appropriate arc, others racked up points with ease. Golf balls and bean bags flew through the air.  Some fell short, while others fell long, but the more we played, the better we got and soon the scores were adding up.

Next came the egg relay, complete with locally laid eggs.  Both teams ran a fierce race, but only one could win. There was one minor kerfuffle that resulted when questions arose regarding the proper holding-of-the-spoon however it was quickly determined that no cheating had occurred. Now both teams were primed for battle and with badminton cancelled due to strong winds, the competition capped off with a good old-fashioned game of kickball.  Body blocks, throws at moving targets, chasing flies in the outfield, all continued with gusto … until the food arrived.

When the final score was tallied, The Guardians won by a fraction.  Alright, The Guardians took every event with ease, but this author played for Due Damage so...The Guardians won by a hair.  Each member of The Guardians took home a medal and the team now displays its winning trophy prominently in the office.  There were no participation awards for Due Damage, however as the true athletes we are, we believe in earning our honors.  Ever the sportsmen and women, The Guardians deferred to Due Damage when it came to bringing home the spoils, i.e. the leftover food, of which there was abundance.  Courtesy of Frank’s Ice Cream, we feasted on burgers, pasta, salads, hot dogs, and chicken parm.  CI knows how to do it up right.

Now to congratulate the champions. Please raise a glass to The Guardians (left): Trisha, Tammy, Gillian, Patricia, Rachael, Katelyn, Derek, Craig, and Courtney. Of course, we'd also like to acknowledge, Due Damage (right) for their amazing team work and sportsmanship.  Congratulations to Isaiah, Nancy S, Yvette, Brittany, Jennifer, Nancy C, Michelle, Alanna, and Yahzmine!  We're very excited to see what next year holds for our CI Olympics!  As always, stay tuned for more competitive backyard games with your favorite investigators!

Michelle Pyan