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Press Releases

Press Releases

New Year, New Prue!

After the events of the holiday party, Phillip Thropé, the CEO of the Corporation of Philanthropic Services (COPS), had to let Rob Berry go.

“I don’t care who your father is!” He exclaimed as he sent Rob packing. “I will not let my reputation and my company’s reputation be sullied by childish behavior!”

Roughly five minutes after Rob had left the building, Phillip started thinking about finding someone to fill his position. He knew they needed a new Vendor Liaison but this time, there would not be any nepotism or funny business when selecting an employee!

“I HAVE A BUSINESS TO RUN! I DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THIS MALARKEY” He shouted to himself. Phillip knew he needed someone he could trust, someone with a high level of integrity! As he sat at his desk, mulling over what to do next, he saw a file on his computer. It was all of the background investigations from his vendors, including Fancy Valley. Phillip got an Idea; he was going to reach out to Commercial Investigations LLC and see how they can help him find the right person to fill the position!

He promptly called them and on the second ring his call was answered! “Commercial Investigations, this is Rachael, how can I help you?” The greeting was music to his ears and he quickly told the Investigator what he needed. Rachael knew exactly how to help and what searches would be best for him to run! She highly recommended doing CI’s Cyber Investigation Level 2, as this would provide him with good insight into his applicant’s character and personality. Phillip asked her for further explanation.

“It is our fully customizable, in-depth search of a potential candidate utilizing multiple search engines, social media, business profiles, and address history.” Rachael explained. Phillip was excited and then went through the process of becoming CI’s newest client. Once the service agreement was signed and he was all set up in CIware, he started to search for the perfect candidate. He posted on all the job boards, conducted many interviews and then he finally found her; his perfect candidate and her name was Prue Fict. She had the right job history and experience for the position! He quickly sent the Applicant Quick Invite to her so she could provide all the necessary information and completed forms to CI for her background investigation. Phillip loved this feature offered by CI because he is a busy man and did not have time to obtain everything from Prue and enter it again, in CIware.

Once CI had all Prue’s information, they got to work on verifying her employments, educations, and making sure she would be a good fit. One of CI’s lead investigators set out to do the Cyber Level 2 and searched across all social media, even the phone book!


A few days later, Phillip got her background investigation back. He was impressed with how fast, yet thorough Commercial Investigations was. Prue’s references described her as a wonderful, hard working person, and that she had achieved many accolades during her schooling at Brown University! He looked at her Cyber Level 2 report, which contained a plethora of information on Prue. At first, Phillip was nervous to see what CI had found but as he read over her report, he was ecstatic! Every single article was positive; there was even an article from He reached for his phone and dialed her number. As soon as she picked up he offered her the job and she accepted on the spot.

Just a couple days later, Prue started her employment with COPS.

“We are so happy to have you as part of our team!” Phillip exclaimed. “Listen, I hate to overload you on your first day, but I already have an assignment for you.”

“Of Course, Mr. Thropé” Prue said, eagerly. “What can I do for you?”

“I need you to go to our vendor, Fancy Valley, and do damage control; our last Vendor Liaison might have ruined their holiday party and destroyed their personal property.”

Oh no! What have I gotten myself into? Prue thought to herself.

Can Prue mend the relationship between COPS and Fancy Valley?

How will Justin and Duey react to Prue?

What ever happened to Nancy?

Find out in the next issue!

Michelle Pyan