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Press Releases

New Year and New Upgrades!

As we say hello to a brand new year, we’re excited to announce some new upgrades! In our commitment to innovation, and with keeping our clients in mind, our team at Commercial Investigations LLC is releasing another upgrade to our software! These changes are exciting, and we know you will really enjoy them! So, without further ado, here is what is coming to a CIware platform near you.

The first exciting update is for the applicants. Whether they are using the applicant quick invite (a feature that has always been in place), or using the unsolicited portal link, they will now be able to save their progress while filling out their information online. That’s right, no more frustration over having to switch computers or smartphones, or running out of time to complete the application.

Applicants can save their progress and will be sent a clickable link via email to continue where they left off. It’s a feature we’re very excited about! All they will have to do is answer some verifying questions and they can return to where they were in their process. It’s so exciting! Sometimes it’s the simple things, right?

In addition, clients utilizing the applicant quick invite will now be able to see the invitation status along with all other pending and completed report lists. Yes, the list that allows you to review your pending or completed investigations will now also have the status of the applicant quick invite.

There will be no need to hunt around or flip from tab to tab. You will now be able to see who has responded to the invitation, in addition to the status of your other orders, all in one convenient location!

The biggest and most exciting innovation in this round of upgrades belongs to the preadverse and adverse action process. The software will now allow you to send out preadverse and adverse action notices in a trackable email, without leaving the software. Let’s look a little more in-depth into the process. When prompted by the user, the software will email the preadverse action letter, a copy of the report, NYS article 23-A, and FCRA Summary of Rights If it is left unopened for a specified amount of days, then an alert will be sent to the end user. At that point, it may be a good time to follow up with a snail mail version to ensure the applicant receives it. However, if they do open the email and are not disputing any information on their report, you will have the luxury of sending the adverse action via email as well. You will also receive an alert if this second email remains unopened. This enhancement is simple, trackable, and very convenient!

Lastly, we even have a few new features we’ve been wanting on the back end of the software. These improvements will allow us to get the background investigations completed even faster than before!

We can’t wait for you to try out the new features! Be sure to look for announcements regarding the new upgrade very soon, and of course, we wish you a very Happy New Year!

Michelle Pyan