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Press Releases

Ahead of the Game

Every year the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) hosts an annual conference. This event is a great opportunity for all attendees to educate themselves on what is new and exciting in the world of background investigations. Michelle, Derek, and Patricia made the journey this year to Baltimore, Maryland to attend the conference. Over the course of three days, they each went to different sessions and learned from experts in the field.

The keynote speaker this year was Matt Beaudreau. Matt works for The Center for Generational Kinetics, and his speech was about crossing the generational divide. He gave great insight on how to promote cross generational work places. Most notably, he helped everyone recognize that each new generation in the work force brings different strengths, values, and communication styles. Keeping this in mind creates the opportunity to step back and really take some time to get to know a little bit more about your co-workers. When we all use our greatest strengths, we produce the best work possible for our clients.

After the keynote address, there were dozens of educational seminars to choose from. Our colleagues decided to divide and conquer the events, covering as many sessions as possible. The topics ranged included such things as drug screening, new compliance laws, and creating a good company culture.

It was three days of learning, growing, and meeting other members within the industry. The ultimate goal of attending the NAPBS Conference each year is to keep our finger on the pulse of emerging trends. This is one way we are able to continue providing the best possible service to our clients.

As it turns out, we are ahead of the game! Because we have been in the business since 2004, and have assembled an amazing team of investigators, we are way ahead of the curve. Michelle, our fearless leader, has been involved with background investigations since before they were ‘the cool thing to do.’ She has been able to use her vast experience and knowledge throughout the years to make sure that everything we do is up to date, and well within FCRA guidelines.

As Patricia said, “I was shocked to see how far ahead of most of these companies we are!” Derek commented, “There are companies just implementing polices and ideas that we have had in place since our inception.”

Michelle, Patricia, and Derek came back from Baltimore with a renewed sense of purpose and more information than three people can handle. But thanks to being stranded in the Baltimore Airport for an unexpected seven hours, they were able to come up with a game plan to implement all of the new things they learned. The great news is that we have already implemented some new ideas such as new consent packets, search options, and goals that we are excited about! We will continue to stick to our Mission to “Provide background investigations with industry leading service through creative solutions – one client at a time!”

Michelle Pyan