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Press Releases

Spotlight: CI Has Your Back

Commercial Investigations LLC is committed to keeping the sensitive information of our clients, subjects, and business partners as protected as possible. Prevention of a security breach is our first priority! Our team has extensive security measures in place to protect against loss or misuse of information under our control. All confidential information is encrypted during transmission, and all computers and servers within our network our protected by certified firewalls.

Not only does Commercial Investigations LLC have large amounts of preventative measures in place for protecting data, but we also invest in Cyber Liability Insurance. Cyber Liability Insurance is a type of insurance that helps identify, and notify people, in the event of a data breach. It also helps restore the identities of those affected by the breach. In addition, this insurance aids in recovering missing data while providing credit monitoring for anyone whose personal information has been compromised. This helps to make sure no one is using the illegally acquired personal information.

Please be aware that Cyber Liability Insurance is not typically part of a General Liability policy. General Liability Insurance tends to only cover physical damage or injury. At Commercial Investigations LLC, we have taken the extra step to obtain Cyber Liability Insurance. Just as we expect to be safeguarded as a company, your safety and security is one of our top priorities! With data breaches becoming a more common occurrence, rest assured that our team is doing everything we can to promote a safe and secure environment.

We know that this is not something that all businesses invest in, but we are committed to going the extra mile. One of our company values is to do the right thing – always.

Sherry Kocienski