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Press Releases

Captain Vigilant™ - Continuous Monitoring

Let’s imagine that you get to work one morning and find out that one of your employees was arrested for manslaughter. You will find out about it quickly because the news outlets will be all over it. In addition, their absence from work will be noticed immediately! But what if they were charged with a DWI or petit larceny?

Perhaps on a Monday after a weekend arrest, an employee has contact with a patient after committing a lower level sex offense. Or maybe they end up with a DWI and are driving on company time for weeks or months before gossip catches up with them. These scenarios could be a disaster for a company when the information finally comes to light. All of this can be avoided with the help of Captain Vigilant™!

There are many terms being used in the background screening industry such as infinity screening, continuous monitoring, or criminal record subscriptions. What they all have in common is that they are monitoring services designed to alert businesses continually when new adverse information becomes available.


For example, in NYS there is the DMV LENS service available. If an employee has a driving infraction, speeding ticket, DWI, or other traffic violation, you will be alerted within 24 hours. If the information only reveals a parking ticket, it may not be any cause for alarm. But if the employee drives a company vehicle, being alerted to a DWI could be a significant matter. Without continuous monitoring, it is likely that no one will know the offense has occurred.

Additionally, in New York State you can take part in CI's Vigilant NY™. This monitoring service will alert you within 24-48 hours if an employee has been arrested in NYS. Being alerted to an arrest can be extremely important. By the time a case goes to court, it could realistically take many months before a decision is reached by the court. That’s very dangerous territory to be in as a business, as we all work very hard to establish and maintain a positive company image.

Another service provided by Commercial Investigations LLC is Vigilant MEDS™. This monitoring service is a medical exclusion database search, delivering healthcare related sanctions information. When an employee is hired by a healthcare facility, sanctions databases are checked for adverse information. What some entities do not realize is that it is also the responsibility of the employer to continually monitor their personnel AND vendors. This important practice helps ensure our vulnerable population is protected.

In today’s litigious society, the more informed we are the safer we are. The small investment to use CI's Vigilant™ services is worth the peace of mind knowing you will be alerted to important information as it happens. Please contact Captain Vigilant™ at [email protected] for more information.

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Sherry Kocienski