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Press Releases

Are You a Clay Pot? Because You’re Fired!

Justin and Duey were sitting in their shared office trying to decide what to do about Nancy. Duey was feeling like Nancy should be given a chance despite Rob Berry’s ultimatum.  Justin had the opposite feeling.  “COPS is one of our biggest clients!” Justin exclaimed. “We can’t afford to lose them, Duey.”  Duey pondered this knowing Justin was nervous about it.  However, he believed there could be a way to keep Nancy on and keep Rob Berry happy.

Duey suggested, “What if we just have Nancy work on assignments for clients other than COPS?  This would help us with the work now, and then we can work on finding someone else to hire as well.”  Justin reluctantly agreed.  “I’ll tell Sue to set up some interviews,” Justin said.

Later on, Sue’s desk phone started ringing.  “Thank you for calling Fancy Valley and the Four Seasons.  This is Sue.  How can I help you?”  “Hi, this is Carl from COPS.  We had an unfortunate mopping accident with one of your janitorial workers and need someone to fill in immediately!  Do you have anyone that could come over right away?”  “Ok, well the only person who’s not on assignment right now is Nancy Regan.”  “That will work.  Please send her,” Carl said in a hurry and hung up.

A few hours later, Justin came out of his office to speak with Sue.  “Good Afternoon Sue. Could you get Nancy on the phone please?  I think I might have an assignment for her with one of our clients.”  “She’s not available right now,” Sue said nonchalantly.  “I sent her to COPS as a fill-in.  They were desperate for someone.”  “WHAT?!” Justin yelled, almost making Sue fall right off her chair.  “I’m sorry to startle you, but Nancy CANNOT work at COPS.  Didn’t you get my email memo?!”  “No…umm…err,” 

Sue mumbled nervously.  Justin stormed off back to his office to advise Duey of the disaster. 
“Duey! Duey! Duey?!” Justin shouted.  “Yes?” Duey replied. Justin found him staring at his computer screening, deep in thought.  “SUE SENT NANCY TO-“ Justin was cut off by the sound of Duey’s intercom going off.  It was Sue calling from her reception desk.   “Hold that thought Justin,” Duey said as he answered Sue’s ring.  “Yes Sue?”  “Uh…Mr. Diligence, you have a visitor,” she whispered.  “And who would that be?”  “Mr. Berry,” she whispered again.  Duey looked at Justin, and he was as pale as a ghost.  “Send him in,” Duey said to Sue.

Not two seconds later, Rob Berry ran into Duey and Justin’s office dragging Nancy in behind him.  “I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU WE DO NOT HIRE CRIMINALS,” Rob screamed.  “This is blatant disrespect.  How dare you send this crook to work for us?”  At this point, Justin looked like he was about to pass out.  Duey, on the other hand, was perplexed.  “What do you mean?  We didn’t - I wouldn’t - I…,” he stammered.  “This is unacceptable! You must fire this woman right now or COPS will be taking their business elsewhere immediately!”  Duey stalled for a moment while looking at Nancy.  She looked just as utterly confused as he was.
Justin came back from his moment of panic, looked right at Nancy, and cleared his throat.  “Nancy, you are fired. Please leave,” he said calmly.  “I can’t believe this,” Nancy exclaimed.  “I moved from Ohio to be here.  You will regret this!  You all will regret this!”
As Nancy rushed out the door, she knocked into a smartly dressed stranger.  “Excuse me,” she cried and hurried out the door.  It was quiet for a moment as Duey, Justin, and Rob were all left standing in the office.  Duey’s intercom started ringing.  “Yes Sue,” Duey said flatly.  “I’m so sorry to interrupt, but your 11:30 interview appointment is here.”

Will this interviewee be the one Justin and Duey have been searching for?

Will Rob Berry hold a grudge?

Will Duey and Justin ever see Nancy again?

Find out in the next issue!!

Michelle Pyan