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Press Releases

Employment Falsifications

Congratulations, you found a great candidate to join your team!  How can you make sure the person you want to hire is as awesome as they seem?  That’s easy.  Just ask Commercial Investigations!  We are experts when it comes to spotting falsifications and helping our clients make smart hiring decisions.  We find great value in educating our clients and providing our expertise to discover inconsistencies.  This helps avoid bringing someone onboard that doesn’t fit with your company values. 

One way to evaluate how someone will be as an employee is to take a look at their previous employments.  At Commercial Investigations, roughly 35% of Employment Verifications are marked adverse.  We would like to share with you three tips to uncovering common lies that some applicants try to get away with.


To begin with, when reading your candidate’s application, you may sometimes wonder if the individual is too good to be true.  It’s common knowledge that people sometimes embellish their resumes by portraying someone whose work experience and duties are more qualified for the position.  It’s important to not only ask about their job title but also to collect information from their prior employers about their daily tasks to determine if they are being deceitful with their qualifications.

Another important thing to take note of is if an individual indicates that they do not want one of their previous employers to be contacted.  If it is their current employer, that should be looked at with special consideration; however, if it’s a previous employer for whom they no longer work, that could be an indication that the applicant is trying to cover up something negative.  It could mean they left on bad terms, did not give proper notice of leaving, or were terminated. 

Lastly, and perhaps the most telling, is the subject’s eligibility for rehire.  Sometimes this question cannot be answered due to company policy; however it’s always important to ask.  If the person verifying the employment is able to tell you that your candidate is not eligible for rehire, follow up by inquiring about the reason.  Is it their company policy not to rehire someone once they’ve separated from the company?  Was your candidate absent a lot?  Did they not perform up to the standards of their job title?  This may seem like a lot of questions to ask, but it could make a huge difference in your decision. 

Fortunately, you hired Commercial Investigations to screen all your potential employees and we uncovered the truth about your candidate!  Looks like they will be a great fit for your company and you can rest easy knowing you made the right hiring choice.  Phew, better safe than sorry!

Do you want to learn more tricks for smarter hiring?  Visit to request a copy of our White Paper "Truth or Consequences."  In part two of this series, learn more as we take an even closer look at Employment Verifications.

Sherry Kocienski