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Press Releases

The Good, The Bad, and The Perky

The day had come when Due was finally eligible for parole! He had been a model prisoner during his incarceration, which only made sense as he was innocent the whole time. Covering up for Coco’s framing of Duey and the thought that he was innocent is what kept him going each day. After being discharged from the prison, he set off immediately to reunite with his son Duey, and see what had become of Clean Cut Clippings.

Duey and Justin were very excited. Sue Perb was just as hardworking and wonderful in person as she had been on paper. She organized the office, set up potential clients, and marketed Fancy Valley and the Four Seasons so well that the clients were rolling in. Between the nicer weather and the summer time season, Duey and Justin were really having a lucrative spring and beginning of the summer. Duey was relaxing at the office in between clients when Sue came running in, face flushed. “Duey, I just got a call from a Rob Berry over at C.O.P.S. He would like you to come in and meet with him to discuss the account. I tried to ask if it could be settled over the phone but he was insistent that he meet you.” Sue exclaimed. Duey got out of his chair and looked out the window deep in thought. He was wondering who Rob Berry was, and what he could possibly want to discuss with him. What happened to Rick Mitigation, Duey thought, as he picked up the phone and dialed the all too familiar number to C.O.P.S. After speaking to Rob, the date and time of their meeting was set.

Due had arrived to a very different office than the one he had left six months prior. He knew that Duey had taken over and changed the name, but what he didn’t expect was the very clean and organized office complete with a perky receptionist fielding what seemed like a ton of calls. Due greeted her and asked if he could see Duey. “Of course,” she chirped and scurried into Duey’s office. After a moment, Duey came running out to hug his father. “I’m so thrilled you’re finally out! This is great news, you can help us immediately because I am supposed to meet with someone named ‘Rob Berry’ over at C.O.P.S. to discuss our account.” “Rob Berry?” Due shouted, “What is he doing at C.O.P.S? What happened to Rick?” “All things I intend to fi nd out this afternoon,” Duey announced.

This could mean bad times for Due having Rob Berry back in his life. He knew that he could cause trouble for both his son’s business, himself, and C.O.P.S. Due and Justin went off to handle a client’s yard while Duey set off for the C.O.P.S office. Rob Berry grinned as Duey was announced by his secretary, “Have a seat”, he instructed, and Duey complied. “I’ve been given Mr. Mitigation’s old position. Knowing someone in the ‘biz’ always helps when looking for the perfect position.” Standing up and pacing by his large window he went on, “But in a review of the account’s and Mitigation’s misdoings, I see that he has hired your company to handle the landscaping for C.O.P.S. I know your father and I know his background. For me to correct Mitigation’s misdeeds, either your father can’t work for you, or we have to end our contract with you. Everything must be above board. The choice is yours.” And with that, he sat down at his desk. Duey taking this as a dismissal, thanked Rob for his time and told him he would be in touch with his decision on their contract.

With his mind full, Duey drove back to the office and considered all of his options. What would he do? His father just got out of prison, to save Duey from being there by his own mother’s cruel intentions. Due needed gainful employment in order to meet the requirements of his parole, and C.O.P.S. had been one of their best paying clients. Thoughts swirling and his mind made up, Duey arrived back at the office just as Due and Justin were returning. “Well here goes nothing...”

What will happen next with Fancy Valley and the Four Seasons?
Will Duey put his own feelings of right or wrong over a business decision?
What else does Rob Berry have in store for Duey and Justin?

Find out in our next issue!

Sherry Kocienski