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Due and Justin had set up all three interviews for their potential new hires, John Went, Dee Seiver and Susan Purb. The first one up was John Went. Let’s just say John didn’t make a good impression, so he came and went. Up next was Dee Seiver. On paper, Dee was perfect, she had a high school diploma and some experience in landscaping. In person, she was pleasant, and clever, and didn’t appear nervous at all. Justin thought she was perfect and wanted to hire her on the spot! But Duey reminded him that they still had an additional interview coming up, and they needed to wait to see how the background checks went.

Justin had Dee fill out the consent form for a background screening and sent it over to Commercial Investigations. "Fingers crossed, that by the end of the week, we will have a new employee!" Justin exclaimed to Duey as they were heading home from work that day. Duey replied, "Yeah, I hope so, but don’t forget the interview we have tomorrow with Susan." Justin brushed it off. Who could be better than Dee, he thought.

Across town, Rick Mitigation was cleaning out his office. He’d been correct in worrying about the surprise visit from his boss, Phillip Thropé. As it turns out, Phillip was on to Rick, and all of the shady things he had done in order to advance his own career at the Center for Philanthropic Services. Lying about background checks and trying to hide the fact that Due was arrested and had a rap sheet as long as the Mississippi River topped his list. After being yelled at for an hour, Rick was walking out to his car holding back tears when he saw his new replacement, Rob Berry.

Over at the Commercial Investigations office, the investigators were hard at working trying to complete Dee Seiver’s background report. They were all set, except for one thing, her education. Dee has stated she had graduated with honors from Sunnydale High School. When Commercial Investigations reached out to the school, they stated Dee had never graduated. CI reached out to Dee, "Whoops, I meant to say I got a GED in New York". When CI reached out to the New York State department of Education, they also didn’t have records of Dee. "Did I say New York? I meant California, shoot, I was an army brat, we moved all over…maybe it was Florida," Dee sighed into the phone. She was getting a little tired of answering all these questions, she was running out of places to say she graduated from! When prompted for a copy of her diploma she simply stated, "Oh, I can’t send you copy of my degree, since a wild boar got into my house and ripped it right off the wall and ran away with it!" It was at that moment that the investigators at CI closed out the file as unable to verify.

Duey and Justin were waiting for Susan to show up for her interview. It was very clear to Duey that Justin was not at all interested in what was going on. Duey was about to speak up when Justin’s phone dinged with an email notification that Dee’s report was done, and Justin rushed to open the report. To his horror, he saw the one thing he didn’t think was possible – an adverse mark for her education. Justin was crushed! Duey reached out to CI who explained what had happened, and how many places they looked to verify Dee’s diploma. Duey then called Dee, who finally came clean, and stated she never graduated or got a GED.

Just as Justin was about to panic, there was a knock on their door. "Hi, I’m Susan Perb, but you can call me Sue!"

What will happen to Due and Justin next?
Will they be able to find a new employee?
Will Sue work out?
How did Rob Berry get a job at C.O.P.S?
And what will Rob’s new position mean for Fancy Valley and the Four Seasons?
Tune in to our next issue to find out.

See Dee’s Education Report!

Sherry Kocienski