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Press Releases

Spotlight: Drug Testing

Drug testing is becoming increasingly popular among companies that already have background investigation policies in place. Employers are seeing the benefits that creating a drug-free workplace can provide.

Drug testing, especially in CIware 2.0, is a breeze.

You can schedule appointments very easily and track subjects right through the process getting real time updates of their progress, such as when they showed up for the appointment. You will have the option to choose from LabCorp or Quest - whichever has a lab closest to where the subject will need to go. Addresses close to their location will populate and give the hours of operation.

The system also automatically generates the electronic consent form that they will need when they go for the drug test, so it makes the process very easy for you.  Contact us for more information, or to implement a drug testing policy to your background investigations!

Sherry Kocienski