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Press Releases

New Year, New CI

It’s that time of year again…. At Commercial Investigations, we are taking “New Year, New Me” to a new level! This year we are really focusing on being the best that we can be, starting with our new office space! Yes, you read correctly, we are moving! In the past year, we have expanded our team, our goals, and our technology. This spring, a move will allow us to work smarter to make our company even better. Our new location offers an open concept, allowing us to work more cohesively. Our current offices are full of last-century charm, with high glass windows on the huge wood doors and chandeliers lighting up the old grand staircases. If you look quickly, you’ll swear you just saw Sam Spade sauntering past after his femme fatale, Mary Astor, on the hunt for the Maltese Falcon. Certainly, we will miss sleuthing amidst the revival that is beginning to transform downtown Cohoes. But the time is at hand to begin anew!

Over the past year, we’ve improved our communication across the board. One of the ways we are accomplishing this is by converting all of our clients to our updated software, CIware 2.0. Converting to the new software has so many benefits, and we make it very easy to do.

Another growth goal we’d like to share with you: Commercial Investigations is aiming to at least double the size of the company within 5 years, and we’ve added new smiling faces to our team to help get us there! Ushering in 2017, we welcome a few new investigators in training and an office assistant into our growing team. Please visit Facebook as we continue to feature new colleagues in ‘Mugshot Monday’ posts.

We’ve also worked to build our company culture with a diverse team, so we can bring everyone up to speed efficiently and communicate effectively about our values and goals. We are the most innovative and educational background investigations partner, and we have a strong committed team working together to produce the best results for you every single day.

We sincerely wish all of our current clients and clients we have yet to meet, the happiest New Year!

Please visit our website to learn more, or contact us.

Sherry Kocienski