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Press Releases

Due Diligence: Reverse Nepotism

Now that Duey was face to face with his father, Due knew this decision wouldn’t be easy nor without consequences. Due had given up his freedom in an act of selflessness so Duey could live a better a life. And that’s exactly what he was doing. Duey became the CEO of a successful company that was continuing to expand. Surely they could do without the business from C.O.P.S., but what message would that send their other clients? How would that make the
company look; tossing out their biggest and oldest client to give a job to a convicted criminal? Not to mention many of their new clients came from recommendations from people at C.O.P.S.

Duey knew what he had to do, but he was unsure of how to do it. How does someone fire their
own father? Is there such a thing as reverse nepotism? While Duey was mulling this over and making small talk with Due, Sue and Justin were inside creating a job listing for a few new positions that would be needed so Fancy Valley and the Four seasons could keep up with the new business. Justin had decided he would hire two new people, with the help of Duey of course. Sue had only posted the listing a few hours ago and they already had 12 applicants. Apparently their reputation as a fast paced and fun place to work had really gotten out there.
Justin and Sue had narrowed down the 12 candidates to 2 individuals to come in for interviews, Doug User and Nancey Reegan.

While Sue was calling the potential candidates, Duey sat Due down in his office to deliver the news. “So dad, I mean Due, unfortunately C.O.P.S is really focusing on their outsource contracts and we have come under scrutiny for having some employees with less than stellar criminal records.” Due stared blankly at his son. His own flesh and blood, the one he gave up his life for, may be giving him the axe. “So what does that mean for me, son?” Duey looked at his father and he knew in that moment he just had to rip the bandage off . “It means you can no longer work for this company. I am grateful for all that you have done for me, but we need to keep this contract. I’m sorry. I can try...”

Due cut him off with a smile on his face and said, “This is great! I can finally take my cross county road trip and see all that the US has to off er. I know you and Justin have got this business covered!” With that, he danced out of the room shouting about how he will drive to all fifty states. “I hate to be the one to tell him about Hawaii”, Duey mumbled to himself.

The next day Duey and Justin had two great interviews with Nancey and Doug. Because of the new background screening policies, they had to send them off for a drug test. They spoke to their good friends at Commercial Investigations LLC, and set up both candidates with a 10 panel + Expanded Opiates + MDMA drug screening.

Two days later the drug test results back. Nancey, who stated in her interview that her policy on drugs was “Just say NO!”, came back clear. Doug on the other hand came back as a negative-dilute. Negative-dilute means his sample didn’t test positive for drugs, but it was watered down enough to not be able to test correctly. Duey reached out to CI who explained that this could mean the sample was watered down intentionally, or maybe Doug just drank way too much water. Duey decided to set Doug up for a second test, but to be safe he asked that it be both a urine and hair drug test.

Doug went to this test, but it took a while for the results to come back. CI explained that the results needed to be verified by a doctor to check if Doug had any prescriptions that would
interfere with the test. A few days later Duey received the results from the drug test and he could not believe what he saw.

What did Duey see on the drug test?
Will Fancey Valley and the Four seasons
be able to hire Doug and keep their contract
with C.O.P.S.?
Stay tuned!

Sherry Kocienski