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Press Releases

CI Speaks: We Are Finalizing Our New Website!

March 2016

It’s a time of new beginnings here at Commercial Investigations with our new CIware 2.0 software, some new smiling faces, and our new website. Over the past few months, Sherry, who is an integral member of our business development team and keeps her eye on our social media presence, has been slaving away creating our new and improved website.

I took some time to sit with her and discuss what that means for us and our clients. Why do we need a new website? “We needed to update to our new branding and organize everything with a cleaner look. Michelle, our President, has dreamed about a new website for a long time, and I wanted to help her accomplish that. Mostly, we wanted it to be less wordy and easier to navigate.”

Sneaking in to Sherry’s office (she had candy), I observed her flexing her creative muscles to come up with the new website design. From creating new graphics to designing completely new pages, I wanted to know what her favorite part of creating our new website was. Sherry said, “I get a lot of satisfaction out of incorporating different types of skills and mixing them all together.”

Creating this website also brought our team closer together. Sherry has reached out to all of us to see how we felt about the new design. We feel like we created it with her. The most stressful part of this whole process was taking the vast amount of information that our website provides and making it clear and understandable. Sherry set out to condense everything without compromising the content and integrity of the website.

When we started out on this new project, the goal was to have the site live by January 2016, and we did make some serious headway meeting that goal. Sherry explains that we went “all hands on deck" to start our conversion to CIware 2.0, our new client software. From the sneak peak of the new site, it's an amazingly bold new look that streamlines navigation for our clients. Therefore, we look forward to the website launch in the early summer months.

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Sherry Kocienski