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September 2015 - Quality and Customer Service

September 2015 - Quality and Customer Service

When I was in eighth grade, I really wanted skinny jeans.  At the time, they were the new, “hip” thing that everyone was wearing.  Say goodbye to those loose, sagging jeans from the 1990’s.  It was the 2000’s, it was a time for change.  It was a time for growth.  But, more importantly, it was a time for really tight pants.  As the century turned, so did I, to the internet – where I decided to do some research.  I had to have the perfect pair of jeans.  After days of searching, I finally felt prepared to embark on my journey.  The particular style of denim I had chosen was at the cutting edge of jean technology.  They were low rise jeans, cut close through the thigh, with a slim, lightly tapered fit through the leg.  In other words, they were perfect.  The only trouble is they were $54.99!  In my 13-year-old world, that might as well have been a million dollars.
However, young me was stubborn and could not be deterred from my quest of pants perfection.  I set out on the journey of a lifetime.  It was the longest fourteen minute drive of my life, until I finally saw it, the mall – the mecca of teenage life, glowing in the distance.  I thought to myself, “today is the day I achieve my dreams.”  Once we arrived, I was on a mission.  My first stop, of course, was a department store; let’s call it “P.  J.  Nickel’s.”  I had spent many gruelling hours in that store on days prior, shopping with my mother and sister.  If they could find (or at least try on) so many pairs of pants there, perhaps I could as well.  I marched right into the men’s section – surpassing the young men’s section – because, at that moment, I became a man.
My friends and I combed through the various displays.  After what felt like hours (which was more than likely, approximately five minutes), I felt defeated.  I had resigned to the fact that today was not the day I was going to find my pants.  I began making my way towards the exit, carrying nothing but my shattered dreams in my hands.  When, suddenly, I stumbled upon the clearance rack.  My inner bargain hunter coerced me towards the assortment of discounted and discarded clothing, remembering that my mother once got a two hundred dollar coat for only ten dollars.  I decided that it couldn’t be any more disappointing to just take a look.
It was there, I found a pair of skinny jeans – for only twelve dollars!  Sure, they weren’t the brand I had been looking for – in fact, I had never even heard of the brand they were.  And yeah, they didn’t fit exactly right.  But they were skinny jeans, they were within my budget, and they were too convenient to pass up in my time of desperation.  I was tired of shopping and I didn’t really think I could survive another store.  So, I left with my twelve dollar discount jeans in hand.  They lasted exactly one month before they began to fall apart.  The hem started to fray, one of the buttons popped right off, it wasn’t a pretty sight.  Not to mention the chafing.
It was then I knew my search for the perfect pair of pants would have to continue.  This time, I did some more extensive research.  I had to find the right store, with the right people that could assist me in my search.  After some comparing and contrasting, it was decidedly chosen that Roscoe’s would be the store where I would find my perfect pants.  This was due to their wide selection of options and their reputation for superior customer service.  I marched into that store, went right up to their service desk, and asked for my jeans.  In hindsight, I should have probably asked for a new shirt as well.  Seeing as interacting with other people makes me nervous, and sweaty.
The saleswoman, Deborah, was incredibly helpful.  She led me to a display in the back of the store – all the while answering my questions, and trying her hardest to find the absolute best pair of jeans for me.  Here, I had finally found my beloved pants.  Now the only decision was to pick which shade of denim suited me best.  I, of course, opted for the darkest pair they had, strengthening my efforts in being so-totally-super-cool.   It’s been over ten years since my mom purchased those jeans for me (thanks, mom!). Surprisingly, I can still fit into them.  We’ve been through a lot together – four apartments, six different washing machines, and loads upon loads of laundry.  They are still just as amazing as they were ten years ago.  I even hiked up a mountain in them (not recommended).
Now, I bet you’re wondering why on earth I have just told you this (amazing) story of my journey to find the perfect pants.  But I learned a very important lesson that fateful day I found my pants, a lesson about quality over convenience.  A lesson about not settling for less than I deserve.  I deserved to find the perfect pair of skinny jeans, ones that fit great and looked even better.  Just as the clients of Commercial Investigations LLC deserve a background investigations company that will be a perfect fit for all their needs.  What I have learned since working at Commercial Investigations, is that the service we deliver to our clients is a direct result of the people behind that service.  We are a company full of Deborahs (without whom, I would have never found my perfect pants).  We are committed to providing our clients with the absolute best service, because we know they’re worth it.
Just as I fell to the temptation of the discount jeans in my youth, we at Commercial Investigations understand that cost is a big factor when deciding on a product or service.  Some other companies certainly cost less.  But what they lack in cost is often equal to what they’re missing in both quality and service.  These are two integral components of the background investigations business, which our company prides itself on.  And just like my jeans, still holding strong and flattering my assets ten years later – Commercial Investigations LLC aims to exceed our clients expectations.  Let us be your perfect pair of jeans, and we will show you the difference outstanding quality and service make.
This true life event is brought to you by Derek Masterson, CI Call Center and Data Entry Associate.

Kelsey Kreiling