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Press Releases

July 2015 - Anticipated Graduations for New Hires

As we know, when Spring time rolls around, high school and college students anxiously anticipate graduating in May and June. Students also fill out applications for employment and start to work for a prospective employer after they graduate.  The question for employersis how do they deal with waiting upon a verification of the subject’s education.

Some colleges will use the National Student Clearinghouse for degree verifications.  For applicants expecting to graduate in the months of May or June records on the Student Clearinghouse typically do not became updated until June to mid July.
CI can contact the school and get confirmation that an individual is expecting to graduate, noting a designated graduation date along with the type of degree they would be receiving.  Clients must keep in mind the anticipated date does not always mean it will be the same day when records are readily available.
CI recommends that when a prospective employer has an applicant who has not officially graduated from the school to either goes through the process as mentioned above, of CI obtaining an anticipated graduation date, or the employer can request an education verification only report around the time the applicant expects to graduate.
Please contact Commercial Investigations for what your best practice would be in regards to newly, recent, or expecting graduates.

Kelsey Kreiling