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March 2015 - Four Secrets to a Speedier Background Investigation!

Does your organization know the secrets  to expedite background investigations?  There are many ways to get your background checks completed faster.
Secret 1:  The first thing you can do is make sure to provide aliases for any names that are submitted.  It may seem obvious, but providing aliases (especially for women who have been married) will make the initial social trace run smoothly and save valuable time moving on for our investigative team.  To enter an alias electronically, it’s as simple as clicking on the AKA button and providing the additional name.  If you’re submitting the consent form through fax or email, there is space provided to add additional names.  Similarly, providing the full middle name for common names such as John Smith will help us rule out or confirm hits on a subject.
Secret 2:  Rush inquiries are another way to expedite background investigations that are of the highest importance.  To add a rush to an inquiry electronically, click Add Service and scroll down to find Rush in the list.  By clicking on Rush, we know this background investigation is extremely  time sensitive and will be touched upon early in the morning and again in the afternoon if needed.  Because Commercial Investigations does not charge additional fees for rushes submitted this way, please save rush inquiries for when you need them the most.
Secret 3:  Providing phone numbers and/or email addresses for the subject can sometimes save days on a background investigation.  If an employment or education verification is needed, we may occasionally need to reach out to a subject for further information.  Calls
aren’t always returned to us the same day when we need a supervisor’s name or date of graduation.  Submitting a subject’s phone number ahead of time can surprisingly save an additional day or two on a verification.
Secret 4:  The Staff at Commercial Investigations have agreed!  The most important way to expedite background investigations is to use an electronic consent form.  A few ways this can benefit your organization is it will get rid of the need for data entry, eliminates hard copy consent forms, protect sensitive data, and ensure compliance with FCRA.  Additionally, when we have an electronically signed consent form on file immediately, we are able to complete verifications requiring proof of consent considerably faster.
Visit our Webinar/Coffee Chat series online to hear members of our staff talk about more ways to expedite your background investigations at

Kelsey Kreiling