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Press Releases

January 2015 - Do You Use a Portal / Electronic Consent Form?

Does your organization know about Commercial Investigations’ portal technology and electronic consent form?  What is a CI portal/electronic consent form you ask?  It is a highly secure co-branded portal and an electronically signed consent form that the subject uses to enter their personal data and authorizes your organization to run a background investigation.

CI makes it very easy and convenient for your organization to use the portal/electronic consent form.  We will create a customized co- branded page with your organizations’ logo and CI’s logo.  Your organization is then provided with a unique URL address for potential subjects to access.  Your subject would enter the URL to access the electronic consent form.  The subject enters their own personal data and receives the FCRA Notice of Rights and, if applicable, the New York State Article 23-A notice.  The subject electronically signs the consent form and submits the information.  Your organization will receive an email letting you know the subject completed their consent form.  You are then able to initiate their background investigation.  It’s that easy!! 

Your organization will see multiple benefits when using CI’s portal/electronic consent form.  It eliminates your organization’s data entry and need to keep the hard copy consent form.  The subject enters their own personal information which eliminates data entry errors.

This will also reduce duplication, save time, protect sensitive data, and ensures compliance with the FCRA. You can learn more about our Portal/Electronic Consent Form technology on our Webinar Series web page at  On the right hand side of the page look for the May 2014 recording.  You can also see our PowerPoint presentation on our Slideshare page at

To get started with your CI Portal we would need your company logo in .jpeg format under 73 kb.  If you have any questions or would like to set up a portal please contact us at [email protected]


Kelsey Kreiling