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The New York Association of Mortgage Brokers


Commercial Investigations LLC (CI) and The New York Association of Mortgage Brokers (NYAMB) understand that education, representation, and doing the right thing are important values in the wholesale mortgage industry.  CI is offering a comprehensive, cost effect, and compliant background investigation package on behalf of NYAMB, to assist in ensuring mortgage professionals continued high standards of ethics.

Personal information, financial documentation, and credit data are just a few pieces of secure information that mortgage professionals and lenders are entrusted with every day.  Whether you are looking to vet vendors or limit liability, CI is able to provide you with a thorough background investigation to ensure peace of mind.


Assure the quality of your vendors.

Remain complaint with industry standards.

Ensure a high level of moral value.

Our on-boarding team can have you setup within 1-2 business days.


Action Plan

  1. Download and fill out a Service Agreement.

  2. Sign and return the agreement to [email protected]. If you prefer, you can fax the Service Agreement to 212-937-3858. Please indicate that your company is requesting to be setup with The New York Association of Mortgage Brokers package.

  3. You will receive a set of 3 welcome emails (your password will be sent separately for security purposes) with login information when your account is setup and ready.

  4. Subjects can complete an online consent form, or you can submit a background investigation manually if a hard-copy consent form is needed. You can check the status of your reports through your dashboard and will receive an email update when a report is complete.

  5. Have peace of mind knowing you've exercised due diligence.



Questions?  Please use the form below or call 1-800-284-0906.

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