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Identity Verification Inquiries
•  Origin™
•  SSN and Address Verification
•  Consent Based SSN Verification (CBSV)

Criminal Inquiries
•  Origin™
•  Cursory Indicator New York™
•  Statewide Criminal
•  County Criminal
•  Federal Criminal
•  Sex Offender
•  Global Scan
•  Global Scan Plus
•  International Criminal
•  Cyber Investigation™
•  Department of Corrections
Credit Inquiries
•  Credit Report Employment
•  Credit Report Tenant
Motor Vehicle Inquiries
•  Motor Vehicle
Verification Inquiries
•  Employment Verification
•  Education Verification
•  Reference Verification
•  Professional License
Industry Specific Inquiries
•  Health Care Comply Plus™
•  Office of Inspector General Exclusion
•  General Services Administration Exclusion
Tenant Screening Specific Inquiries
•  National Tenant Check™
•  Landlord Verification
Social Media Inquiries

•  Cyber Investigation™ Level 1
•  Cyber Investigation™ Level 2
•  Drug Testing
•  Fingerprinting
Employment Eligibility Verification
•  E-Verify
•  Compliance I-9

Vigilant™ Services
Continuous Monitoring
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•  Vigilant LENS
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Criminal Inquires

Our team delivers your results as quickly and accurately as possible.
We take the business of being your Proactive Truth Partner™ very seriously.  Our typical turnaround time is 1.5 days.  Our clients have come to expect us to deliver the highest quality level of service possible in the industry.


Origin is a powerful multi-level validation of a subject's vital information, and a search of state and county criminal record databases. Origin establishes an excellent investigative starting point.

Consent Based SSN Verification (CBSV)

Consent Based SSN Verification (CBSV) is one of the strongest methods for validating identifiers through the Social Security Administration (SSA).


SSN & ADDRESS INFORMATION inquiry is a powerful investigative tool that verifies the validity of an applicant's Social Security Number, reveals various names (aliases) associated with the SSN and provides information on prior addresses and movement patterns, including the approximate dates of residence at each address.

Cursory Indicator New York™

Cursory Indicator New York™ is a New York statewide search that is comparable to the very costly OCA statewide search.  Clients that have used CI NY have seen a dramatic savings. 

Statewide Criminal

Generally, statewide searches are performed on a few states that have somewhat thorough results.  A few of the acceptable statewide searches are for New York, New Jersey, and Vermont.  Outside of those states, CI prefers to go directly to the county in question.  We believe this is the best practice for statewide searches.

County Criminal

A County Criminal inquiry is highly recommended as a minimum criminal record search to ensure the discovery of any misdemeanor or felony charges that may have been brought against a subject.  Due to compliance standards, county criminal searches are usually run where a subject has lived. 


CI's Federal Criminal inquiry is a powerful search, generated for each name and address attributed to the subject based on our SSN & Address Information inquiry. Due to compliance standards, federal criminal searches are typically run for the past 7-10 years at the client's discretion. 


CI’s SEX OFFENDER REGISTRY inquiry helps mitigate a company’s risk of workplace violence and potential negligent hiring or retention lawsuits.  CI recommends that its clients conduct a Sex Offender Registry inquiry in every state the subject has lived in, and by every name the subject has used, within the previous seven years.


CI’s GLOBAL SCAN Inquiry is a result of the US Patriot Act.  In one search you can determine if your applicant is on any terrorist related lists. This inquiry helps impede terrorists by identifying individuals linked to terrorism or classified on government watch lists, improving compliance with the Patriot Act.


CI’s GLOBAL SCAN PLUS Inquiry is a result of the US Patriot Act; however, it expands way beyond by including foreign terrorist lists too.  In one search you can determine if your applicant is on any of hundreds of terrorist related lists as compared to our seventeen lists contained in our GLOBAL SCAN inquiry.

International Criminal

CI recommends an International Criminal Records inquiry for all districts/provinces the subject has lived or worked in outside the U.S. within the past 7-10 years at the client’s discretion.  CI submits international inquiries through various international criminal records vendors who are experts in foreign court procedures.  


An employer’s interest in a subject’s online life, because of its potential effect on their business, necessitates CI’s CYBER INVESTIGATION ™. A subject’s online life relates to How a subject might follow a company’s IT protocol by providing a track record of responsible use of information systems including data protection.

Department of Corrections

CI's Department of Corrections (DOC) inquiry informs the client of whether or not a subject is currently, or has ever been, an inmate in a state prison.  DOC inquiries should be conducted for each state the subject has resided in for the past 7-10 years at the client’s discretion. 



HEALTH CARE COMPLY PLUS ™ provides information on individual health care providers by conducting a search of the sanction information compiled by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), the General Services Administration (GSA) and other federal agencies. 

Vigilant Services

Vigilant MEDS™
Vigilant LENS
Vigilant NY
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