Commercial Investigations LLC

Industry Specific Inqiries

Office of Inspector
General Exclusion


CI's General Services Administration Exclusion (GSA) inquiry instantly disseminates information on Individuals that may be excluded from such contracts and/or benefits for various violations including:

  • Fraud, antitrust violations, embezzlement, theft, forgery, bribery, false statements, or other offenses indicating a lack of business integrity
  • Conviction(s) or ongoing investigation(s) for a Federal or State offense relating to the distribution or possession of controlled substances
  • Sanctions pursuant to the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Sanctions Regulations
  • Crimes relating to immigration
  • Sanctions pursuant to the Terrorism Sanctions Regulations
  • Sanctions pursuant to the Foreign Assets Control Regulations, which include:
  • Engaging in business with companies located in, controlled by, or organized in the nations of Cuba or Sudan;
  • The arrangement of illegal imports from North Korea or Burma;
  • Imports/Exports to/from Iraq;
  • Imports of “rough diamonds” from Liberia;
  • Imports of uncertified diamonds or the receipt of donations in the form of gifts or charitable contributions from Syria or North Korea;
  • Transactions with designated international narcotics traffickers, terrorists or foreign terrorist organizations or any persons deemed threatening to the stabilization efforts in the Balkans or Zimbabwe.
  • Debarment by the Comptroller General for violation of the Davis-Bacon Act, a law requiring contractors to pay no less than the prevailing wage for federal contracts exceeding in value $2000.
  • Failure to fulfil the obligations under any bond; failure to disclose all bond obligations, misrepresentation of the value of available assets or outstanding liabilities; false or misleading statement, signature or representation on a bond or affidavit of individual suretyship or any other serious dishonesty related to bond ownership or suretyship.
  • Declared ineligible by the Secretary of Education in accordance with the Higher Education Act and/or the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act based upon a failure to submit a certification of adoption and implementation of a drug prevention program.
  • A Contractor's or Subcontractor's failure to satisfy its obligations under the Equal Opportunity Clause or Affirmative Action Clause of a Federal contract or federally assisted construction contract.