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CI's General Services Administration Exclusion (GSA) inquiry instantly disseminates information on Individuals that may be excluded from such contracts and/or benefits for various violations including:

  • Fraud, antitrust violations, embezzlement, theft, forgery, bribery, false statements, or other offenses indicating a lack of business integrity
  • Conviction(s) or ongoing investigation(s) for a Federal or State offense relating to the distribution or possession of controlled substances
  • Sanctions pursuant to the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Sanctions Regulations
  • Crimes relating to immigration
  • Sanctions pursuant to the Terrorism Sanctions Regulations
  • Sanctions pursuant to the Foreign Assets Control Regulations, which include:
  • Engaging in business with companies located in, controlled by, or organized in the nations of Cuba or Sudan;
  • The arrangement of illegal imports from North Korea or Burma;
  • Imports/Exports to/from Iraq;
  • Imports of “rough diamonds” from Liberia;
  • Imports of uncertified diamonds or the receipt of donations in the form of gifts or charitable contributions from Syria or North Korea;
  • Transactions with designated international narcotics traffickers, terrorists or foreign terrorist organizations or any persons deemed threatening to the stabilization efforts in the Balkans or Zimbabwe.
  • Debarment by the Comptroller General for violation of the Davis-Bacon Act, a law requiring contractors to pay no less than the prevailing wage for federal contracts exceeding in value $2000.
  • Failure to fulfil the obligations under any bond; failure to disclose all bond obligations, misrepresentation of the value of available assets or outstanding liabilities; false or misleading statement, signature or representation on a bond or affidavit of individual suretyship or any other serious dishonesty related to bond ownership or suretyship.
  • Declared ineligible by the Secretary of Education in accordance with the Higher Education Act and/or the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act based upon a failure to submit a certification of adoption and implementation of a drug prevention program.
  • A Contractor's or Subcontractor's failure to satisfy its obligations under the Equal Opportunity Clause or Affirmative Action Clause of a Federal contract or federally assisted construction contract.