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Online Investigation Services

Cyber Investigation Level 1


An employer’s interest in a subject’s online life, because of its potential effect on their business, necessitates CI’s CYBER INVESTIGATION ™.  A subject’s online life relates to:
How a subject might follow a company’s IT protocol by providing a track record of responsible use of information systems including data protection.
Involvement in illegal activity and/or groups with concerns that are adverse to a company’s products and services.
Offensive postings and activities by a subject that may reflect negatively on the employer and jeopardize its reputation.
Starting with a subject’s cyber identities and disclosed online activities, CI’s CYBER INVESTIGATION ™ searches through current and archived Internet sites.  The search includes an exclusive illicit activity search of current and archived sites identified as potential places for illegal and offensive behavior. This exclusive search covers data collected over a seven plus year period.
CI's Cyber Investigation ™ can be customized extensively through a consultation with our Business Development team.