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Cursory Indicator New York Sets Commercial Investigations LLC Apart In The Background Screening Industry.

Cursory Indicator New York is a New York statewide search that is comparable to the very costly OCA statewide search.  Clients that have used CI NY have seen a dramatic savings.
This proprietary inquiry allows CI clients to quickly assess when additional criminal record research is needed in New York.  Cursory Indicator New York positively identifies the subject.  CI's investigative staff handle the tiered inquiry and will automatically proceed to tier two if Cursory Indicator New York indicates that it is necessary to perform more comprehensive inquiries.  Cursory Indicator New York is extremely comparable to the New York Statewide Office of Court Administration (OCA) inquiry in all respects except cost.
      - Statewide Criminal Data Available in One Inquiry
      - Cost Effective Tiered System
      - Indicates When More Comprehensive Inquiries are Needed
      - Most Results Available Within 2 - 4 Hours
      - Includes Misdemeanors and Felonies Convictions
      - FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) Compliant
      - Proprietary to Commercial Investigations LLC
Cursory Indicator New York has been proven to be more effective than running county court criminal record inquiries in New York. This is so because Cursory Indicator New York contains levels of misdemeanor information, which is not usually found in New York County Court Criminal record inquiries. Cursory Indicator New York contains local, town and city criminal data not found at the county level. It also contains Federal criminal data.
That being said, Cursory Indicator New York is an exceptional value when compared to the New York Statewide Office of Court Administration (OCA) search where the state charges $95 per name plus financial transaction fees.
COMMERCIAL INVESTIGATIONS' LLC (CI) President, Michelle Pyan, has been involved in the development of Cursory Indicator New York (CI NY) since 1999.

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What is Cursory Indicator New York?

Cursory Indicator New York (CI NY) is a NY Statewide search exclusive to Commercial Investigations LLC (CI), which allows us to access data in conjunction with the NYS Sheriffs’ Association.  This proprietary search reveals misdemeanor and felony information in New York State without requiring an expensive OCA (Office of Court Administration) search for $65 plus financial transaction fees for each name searched.
Cursory Indicator New York saves clients the cost of running an OCA search on 9 out of 10 applicants.  If investigators reveal the potential for a criminal record (approximately 10% of the time), they will run the appropriate county inquiry.  Most importantly, Cursory Indicator New York makes a 100% positive identification for a subject before additional searches are run based upon name match and additional identifiers (date of birth, social security number, and address) before any adverse information is relayed to the client and subject.
At a cost savings of 30% on average, Cursory Indicator New York takes only 2-4 hours to complete on most searches.  When additional investigative measures are needed, it takes just 1.5 business days on average, well below industry standards.

How Does it Work?

Commercial Investigations will run an Origin™ search to confirm the subject's social security number, name, and date of birth.  From there an investigator will check the subject’s address history.  If they have lived in NY state within the past 10 years, CI will run a Cursory Indicator New York inquiry to see if they have ever been booked throughout the state.

Is it comparable to the New York Statewide OCA?

Yes!  In addition, on average clients save 30% or more by using Cursory Indicator New York by avoiding third party fees that are added when running an OCA search.  There are no third party fees when there are no records found on the subject in Cursory Indicator New York.

Do you need to run additional criminal searches when using Cursory Indicator New York?

Yes, but only when Cursory Indicator New York reveals a hit on the subject. Then CI will do a primary source verification to obtain the most up-to-date court disposition data.  Commercial Investigations only delivers misdemeanor and felony convictions to our clients.  Any violations or dismissed cases do not get reported.  When these additional searches need to be run, there may be third party fees incurred.

Will the subject's SSN be identified when booked?

Most of the time the subject’s SSN is included in the Cursory Indicator New York results, thus leading to a positive identification before doing any additional research.  However, depending on the jail, there are very few times a SSN may not be included.

What if the subject lived outside of NY in the past 10 years?

We recommend to all of our clients doing a thorough background investigation.  If the subject has lived outside of NY, CI recommends that you run the appropriate counties based upon the subject’s address history as revealed by the Origin inquiry.  Our investigators will determine the correct jurisdictions to be run based upon the client’s policy and Origin inquiry results.

Does this search reveal criminal data outside of NYS?

Cursory Indicator New York is an inquiry exclusively covering New York State.

What percentage of my background investigations will need more comprehensive inquiries?

On average, eight to ten percent of subject’s will need more research based upon the Cursory Indicator New York results to comply with the Primary Source Verification requirements of the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act.

How long does it take to receive the results?

The average turnaround time for Cursory Indicator New York is less than one business day.

Does Cursory Indicator New York reveal reveal misdemeanor and felony convictions?


How is this search proprietary to Commercial Investigations?

CI is the only background screening company who can offer Cursory Indicator New York to their clients by that name and with CI’s proprietary research tiers.  This is due to CI’s extensive knowledge and experience with the data since 1999.  CI also offers the data to other NAPBS member background screening companies.  Through its exclusive partnership with the NYS Sheriffs’ Association CI has proprietary access to Cursory Indicator New York data.

Is it compliant with the Federal FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act)?

Yes.  Cursory Indicator New York is compliant with the FCRA.



Video Transcript - Cursory Indicator New York

In NY, we’re fortunate.  Or you could say we’re unfortunate.  We have two options for New York Statewide searches.  The one that’s been around the longest, since about 2003, is the New York State Office of Court Administrations search.  This gives you a criminal record history covering the geographic area covering New York State.  But what has also been around for about the last five years is Cursory Indicator New York.  It’s another New York Statewide search, which is based on arrest information which is them converted into conviction information.  So it’s a different data set than the OCA, but it’s also considerably less expensive.  The government controls the OCA fee, and they add on $65.00 plus financing fees for the names run through their system.  That’s a per name search, so that can get very expensive.  When one name is costing $65.00 to the government (plus any fees), and the fee to the background screening company to do that search, it can get very expensive.