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What sets Commercial Investigations apart?

Human Intervention
We understand the value of database technology but are also well aware of the limitations.  Human intervention assures the quality our clients have come to appreciate with us.  We review and compare the information obtained from each specific inquiry with all other result information.  As trained investigators, we can quickly determine inconsistencies and areas of concern.

The Investigative Approach
Although all background screening entities located in New York State are required to be licensed private investigative agencies, most do not handle background screening with an investigative approach.  Commercial Investigations is staffed with trained investigators that treat every background screening as a background investigation.  We look at the whole picture, compare the results from each inquiry on a subject, and make sure the completed information relayed to you is both reliable and easily understood.

User Friendly Software
You have the option of having the subject complete an online consent form or a traditional hard copy.  With a quick email invitation through the software system, your background investigation will begin as soon as the consent form is filled out!  We do all the work for you to setup notifications and make sure you and your staff have a personalized walk-through before beginning.

If you have any questions, please contact our Business Development at 800-284-0906.
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