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Mugshot Monday #15

Michelle Pyan is CI’s founder, President, and Sleuth Extraordinaire.

Her legendary curiosity leads her into amazing places, and inspired us to craft the following limerick in her honor: 

There once was a sleuth named Michelle,
Who said to the courts, “Oh, do tell!”
They told her the facts, 
Illuminating criminal acts,
So her clients chose good personnel!

On any given day, Michelle will be found tirelessly asking questions and pursuing elusive answers that would confound most mere mortals. While she has not yet solved the puzzle of the origin of the Universe, she can tell you all about the Rubik’s cube like world of Commercial Investigations LLC, a company she founded in 2004 after sleuthing her way through several other states on top secret missions. 

Please see her bio here in case you are equally as curious!