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Sandy Arbasak – Mugshot Monday Installment #22

Thanks, Friends of Strong, for being a CI client!

As Director of Friends of Strong at the University of Rochester Medical Center, Sandy Arbasak accepted her mission and sent us her mugshot.  Sandy is a prized client, who takes “checking her CIs” very seriously.  We thank you for your due diligence, Sandy.  We appreciate you!

Due Diligence - Mugshot Monday Installment #20

Meet a character whom we affectionately call Due Diligence!  We bumped into this charming fellow in 2004 when he came calling for a job.  CI investigators ran a background check on him…let us just say that his sketchy employment history, DWI, criminal record and sex offender incident, left us glad we had passed by this candidate.  The mask he wore would defy any PI.

After years of shenanigans, Due is finally evolving.  He is now protecting his son, Due, Jr., and helping him walk a straight and narrow path.  His story can be found in the pages of our bi-monthly CI Times newsletter.  Happy Reading!