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Kayla Bancroft - Mugshot Monday

Kayla has been with Commercial Investigations for about seven months.  In her time here so far, she has enjoyed being able to apply her degree, especially while working on criminal inquiries.  Kayla is an outdoor enthusiast that enjoys playing basketball and kayaking at her family’s lake house. 

Kayla is looking forward to a lot of personal and professional growth in 2018, and says the best way to start her day is eating some kale and getting in a good workout.  She is very fond of the team environment CI provides.  We’re glad to have you on our team, Kayla!

Eric Dawson - Mugshot Monday Installment #26

Welcome, Eric Dawson, to Commercial Investigations!  Working on his degree in Criminal Justice, Eric also plans to study psychology.  He can play just as hard as he works while enjoying R&B and hip hop music, spending time with his little daughter, and can be found spontaneously writing up a storm.


Eric enjoys crime shows on TV, attending basketball and football games, and sleuthing his way through the week here at Commercial Investigations. We are very happy to have him on board.

Christian Huffy - Mugshot Monday Installment #24

Welcome, Christian Huffy, to Commercial Investigations!  Having received his degree in Criminal Justice, Christian had decided he’d take some time to travel to local cities, play guitar, and enjoy his music.  We were delighted when he said he’d hang his hat at CI, take a break from all that tomfoolery, and dive into some serious investigative work.  He’ll get back out there this summer and hike the Adirondack peaks with his guitar.