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The Big Move

We made it!  We’re finally moved into our new office space and are somewhat settled.  There were a couple of bumps along the way, but because we have the best clients EVER, we’re unscathed.  Thank you all so much for your understanding and patience.  We really do appreciate you.

What a surprise when we all got the office to see that we had a welcome package (new waste basket) with our name on it with all sorts of goodies in it.  There was a beautiful personalized coffee tumbler and a myriad of gift cards given to each one of us to visit our neighbors nearby.

The workstations are all matching, complete with lockers, LED lamps, and top of the line office chairs all sharply designed with our colors!  We have more to show you, but wanted to give a peek after our first week here.

CIware 2.0 Reporting and Communication

CIware 2.0 allows for improved interactions with CI staff regarding your background investigations.  Whether it be a group of backgrounds or an individual background investigation, users can communicate directly within CIware 2.0.  As always, you can use email if it is your preferred communication tool, but this option can help you avoid switching to an email application to ask a question or follow up on something.  We are confident you will love it as much as we do!  We’re always be happy to hear from clients via phone as well.

Also, account administrators have virtually unlimited reporting options in CIware 2.0!  Our staff at Commercial Investigations see that some of the most popular reports are the Invoice Report, Turnaround Time Reports and Department Allocation Reports.

Email us at [email protected] or call 800-284-0906 with a date and time that works for you to get a customized webinar overview of CIware 2.0.  We will schedule a conversion date before the sun sets. 

Mindy Weis - Mugshot Monday Installment #27

Please help us welcome Mindy Weis, who has joined
team at Commercial Investigations! 

Being super adventurous and a NASCAR enthusiast, we're worried she will undoubtedly go to a race hop into a NASCAR herself one of these days!  She is also a visually inspired cook, so she will check out her Pinterest boards and then make dinner.  Since her relatives and friends hang around her house all the time waiting to be fed, she is clearly an expert at this (and now we can’t wait until our next potluck)!  Welcome to our team, Mindy.

December 2016 Holiday Season

Commercial Investigations tries to participate in philanthropy throughout the year, including the December 2016 holiday season.  This year we divided and conquered!  Two teams of super shoppers took a couple of hours to find gifts that were needed for families being helped by Albany Community Action Partnership.  

Also, our staff teamed together to donate money for gift cards to give to the teens at Unity House.  We were so excited to be able to help two great local community organizations again this year!

Eric Dawson - Mugshot Monday Installment #26

Welcome, Eric Dawson, to Commercial Investigations!  Working on his degree in Criminal Justice, Eric also plans to study psychology.  He can play just as hard as he works while enjoying R&B and hip hop music, spending time with his little daughter, and can be found spontaneously writing up a storm.


Eric enjoys crime shows on TV, attending basketball and football games, and sleuthing his way through the week here at Commercial Investigations. We are very happy to have him on board.

Why Wed - Why does CI like to support local businesses?

We appreciate small businesses and know they are a BIG deal!

On November 26, the team at Commercial Investigations participated in Small Business Saturday to support small businesses across the nation.  Shane, one of our investigator trainees, spent time at Jay Street Video Games to buy his roommate a holiday gift.  Kyra, a member of our business development team, visited Elissa Halloran Designs in Albany for some handmade cards, a  jewelry box, and other special goodies.


Michelle, our President, was working out of our Florida location and shared a sign which is VERY Florida.  Can you imagine a sidewalk sale in late November?  Well, she found some beautiful jewelry and a clever item made by a small business, “Damsel In Defense”.

Why Wed – Why switch to CIware 2.0?

We are rapidly converting clients to CIware 2.0.  Everyone is raving about its ease of use, enhanced security, and modern look.  Clients are also realizing a decrease in the cost of 3rd party fees due to improvements in vendor relations. 

One satisfied client told our investigators, “I just love being able to use Chrome or Firefox with the new software, and I’m able to see real time updates!”  But don’t just take our word for it – find out for yourself how much better your background investigation experience will be. 

Let’s put you on the fast track - contact one of our business development team members today!