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Why Wed – Why does CI love philanthropy?

It's one of our values!  Our team focuses on positive community involvement through charity and corporate giving with both time and money. We hunkered down to plan this year's strategy as a team at a recent staff meeting. We do a lot during the holidays to help our neighbors in need. 

We donated food and gift cards to Hope 7 Food Pantry (, which has provided thousands with food in Troy, NY. 

We also support St. Paul's Center (, a homeless shelter in neighboring Rensselaer, NY, by buying their holiday wreaths.


Why Wed - Why does CI like to support local businesses?

We appreciate small businesses and know they are a BIG deal!

On November 26, the team at Commercial Investigations participated in Small Business Saturday to support small businesses across the nation.  Shane, one of our investigator trainees, spent time at Jay Street Video Games to buy his roommate a holiday gift.  Kyra, a member of our business development team, visited Elissa Halloran Designs in Albany for some handmade cards, a  jewelry box, and other special goodies.


Michelle, our President, was working out of our Florida location and shared a sign which is VERY Florida.  Can you imagine a sidewalk sale in late November?  Well, she found some beautiful jewelry and a clever item made by a small business, “Damsel In Defense”.

Why Wed - Why are schools requiring parents and volunteers to have background checks?

More and more schools are implementing screening programs for parents and volunteers to avoid risking child safety.  Lafayette School Corporation in Indiana has just adopted a similar policy.  


If you want to implement a similar method in your school district,
CI will help you get started. Call us today!

Why Wed - Why do I get an investigator answering the phone when I call CI?

We know your time is important, and we make our most knowledgeable staff accessible as soon as the phone is answered. When you call, anyone that answers can take a reference, employment or education verification, or answer almost any customer service related question. We want you to feel as though there is a knowledgeable staff member immediately available to help you during business hours.


We are proud to be Your Proactive Truth Partner™!

Call us today at 1-800-284-0906.

Why Wed - Why is running a motor vehicle report good practice?

A motor vehicle report is an often overlooked little gem when it comes to background investigations. Whether an applicant will be assuming a position that requires them to drive or not, a motor vehicle report can provide a more comprehensive understanding of an applicant.


A motor vehicle report will reveal a suspended or revoked license, patterns of reckless behavior, insurance risks and/or substance abuse. You can also obtain continuous monitoring of your employees' driving records and receive alerts of any changes that may occur within hours of an incident.

Contact our business development team to learn more.

Why Wed – Why switch to CIware 2.0?

We are rapidly converting clients to CIware 2.0.  Everyone is raving about its ease of use, enhanced security, and modern look.  Clients are also realizing a decrease in the cost of 3rd party fees due to improvements in vendor relations. 

One satisfied client told our investigators, “I just love being able to use Chrome or Firefox with the new software, and I’m able to see real time updates!”  But don’t just take our word for it – find out for yourself how much better your background investigation experience will be. 

Let’s put you on the fast track - contact one of our business development team members today!

Why Wed – Why Choose a Woman-Owned Business? 

Choosing a woman-owned business can help companies and state and federal contractors fulfill their requirements for using minority-owned businesses. “Becoming certified as a woman-owned business through The Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) provides us with a solid validation and makes us extremely competitive,” president Michelle Pyan explained when asked about the importance of this certification. 

Commercial Investigations not only has this certification, but we are also experts and industry leaders!  Partner with us and have the peace of mind that your background investigations are being done with quality and integrity.