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Mugshot Monday - Rachael Raffile

This week we are happy to introduce you to Rachael Raffile.  Rachael has been with CI for about one year now.  She says she loves working here because the job is rewarding, fun and she feels appreciated.

When she's not here inspiring us with her upbeat personally and stellar performance, she can be found spending time with her two dogs.  She says her dog Marley is so funny.  He makes her hold his paw and won’t stop until her arm gets tired.  Rachael’s favorite time of year is fall because she loves the crisp air and all of the apple and pumpkin flavored goodies.  Her biggest fear in life is her boyfriend’s erratic driving.  So it’s a good thing that Marley makes her hold his hand in the car!  

Mugshot Monday Rachael 2.jpg

At Commercial Investigations LLC, Rachael helps with writing articles for the CI Times and is also on our social committee.  She is looking forward to growing her career here can't wait to see what the future holds!

Kayla Bancroft - Mugshot Monday

Kayla has been with Commercial Investigations for about seven months.  In her time here so far, she has enjoyed being able to apply her degree, especially while working on criminal inquiries.  Kayla is an outdoor enthusiast that enjoys playing basketball and kayaking at her family’s lake house. 

Kayla is looking forward to a lot of personal and professional growth in 2018, and says the best way to start her day is eating some kale and getting in a good workout.  She is very fond of the team environment CI provides.  We’re glad to have you on our team, Kayla!

Mugshot Monday

Luy was born in Poughkeepsie NY, but his family is from Vietnam.  He has spent time in Vietnam growing up and said it has given him a great appreciation for life.  He is thankful for his parents and his younger brother and says the motto he lives by is, “Live every day like it’s your last.  Every day is an opportunity, not a guarantee.”  Luy enjoys going to electric dance music festivals, and if he could get into any hobby it would be making inspirational videos to motivate others and encourage positivity.  We’re so glad you’re with us Luy!

Mugshot Monday

Recently Commercial Investigations has been expanding our team, so we’d like to welcome Joshua Landy!

Josh says the best way to start his morning is waking up to his alarm, giving his dog Mulan some love, and eating cereal while watching ESPN (Cinnamon Toast Crunch is his favorite).  Josh is determined to be a successful working man who can provide for his family.  He also aspires to win every football fantasy league, EVER.  Eating sweet potato pie with vanilla ice cream and homemade macaroni and cheese are two good reasons why Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday.  Also enjoyable during the holiday season is picking on his younger relatives, and Black Friday shopping.  Josh says the best advice he has ever received is, “Surround yourself with successful people if you want to be successful.”  Although, he still hasn’t grown out of leaving his room a mess.

Welcome Joshua!

Yvonne Weis - Mugshot Monday Installment #28


We’d like to introduce you to a new member of our team, Yvonne Weis!  Yvonne celebrates her Native American Mohegan Tribe heritage by attending Pow Wows in Connecticut, and has also lived in Mississippi and New York.  Yvonne always has a funny story to share, especially about her two boys.   She is also a great cook, (cheesy chicken stuffing bake being one of her all-time favorites) and we are all in agreement that keeping up to the rigors of this job requires delicious sustenance on a regular basis.  You can find Yvonne and her family on dirt bikes and baseball diamonds.  She is always out and about stirring up fun.  Welcome aboard, Yvonne!

Mindy Weis - Mugshot Monday Installment #27

Please help us welcome Mindy Weis, who has joined
team at Commercial Investigations! 

Being super adventurous and a NASCAR enthusiast, we're worried she will undoubtedly go to a race hop into a NASCAR herself one of these days!  She is also a visually inspired cook, so she will check out her Pinterest boards and then make dinner.  Since her relatives and friends hang around her house all the time waiting to be fed, she is clearly an expert at this (and now we can’t wait until our next potluck)!  Welcome to our team, Mindy.

Eric Dawson - Mugshot Monday Installment #26

Welcome, Eric Dawson, to Commercial Investigations!  Working on his degree in Criminal Justice, Eric also plans to study psychology.  He can play just as hard as he works while enjoying R&B and hip hop music, spending time with his little daughter, and can be found spontaneously writing up a storm.


Eric enjoys crime shows on TV, attending basketball and football games, and sleuthing his way through the week here at Commercial Investigations. We are very happy to have him on board.

Stephanie Rodriguez - Mugshot Monday Installment #25

And now we’d like to introduce another well-traveled colleague, Stephanie Rodriguez! Steph has lived in Puerto Rico and New York, and traveled back and forth numerous times. She loves to cook spicy food, speaks fluent Spanish, and probably dances a mean midnight salsa (but we don’t know that for sure). She loves spending time with her family, watching movies, exploring the local area, and taking time to see more parks than the average sleuth. You’re not imagining it if you hear Caribbean music and palm fronds brushing each other in the ocean breeze right smack in downtown Cohoes; Stephanie’s just walking by.

Christian Huffy - Mugshot Monday Installment #24

Welcome, Christian Huffy, to Commercial Investigations!  Having received his degree in Criminal Justice, Christian had decided he’d take some time to travel to local cities, play guitar, and enjoy his music.  We were delighted when he said he’d hang his hat at CI, take a break from all that tomfoolery, and dive into some serious investigative work.  He’ll get back out there this summer and hike the Adirondack peaks with his guitar.

Erika Parkis - Mugshot Monday Installment #23

Thanks, Loretto Management Corporation, for being a CI client!

As a valuable member in recruiting for Loretto, Erika Parkis accepted her mission and took a few moments to send us her Mugshot!  Erika is a prized client, who enjoys drinking hot chocolate out of her mug on a snowy day.  We thank you for your due diligence, Erika.  We appreciate you!

Sandy Arbasak – Mugshot Monday Installment #22

Thanks, Friends of Strong, for being a CI client!

As Director of Friends of Strong at the University of Rochester Medical Center, Sandy Arbasak accepted her mission and sent us her mugshot.  Sandy is a prized client, who takes “checking her CIs” very seriously.  We thank you for your due diligence, Sandy.  We appreciate you!

Dulcie Karpensky - Mugshot Monday Installment #21

Please meet one of Commercial Investigations LLC’s clients, Dulcie Karpensky!

Accepting her mission to send us her mugshot, Dulcie also helped us coin a new phrase.   As United Health Services Employment Department’s HR Representative, Dulcie has been instrumental in setting up her employees’ background investigations.  She will say to her staff, “Ok, let’s check on Jennifer’s CI!”  We love that, and we thank you Dulcie for helping make CI a household word… we appreciate you!


Thank You, UHS, for Being CI’s Client!

Due Diligence - Mugshot Monday Installment #20

Meet a character whom we affectionately call Due Diligence!  We bumped into this charming fellow in 2004 when he came calling for a job.  CI investigators ran a background check on him…let us just say that his sketchy employment history, DWI, criminal record and sex offender incident, left us glad we had passed by this candidate.  The mask he wore would defy any PI.

After years of shenanigans, Due is finally evolving.  He is now protecting his son, Due, Jr., and helping him walk a straight and narrow path.  His story can be found in the pages of our bi-monthly CI Times newsletter.  Happy Reading!

Mugshot Monday #15

Michelle Pyan is CI’s founder, President, and Sleuth Extraordinaire.

Her legendary curiosity leads her into amazing places, and inspired us to craft the following limerick in her honor: 

There once was a sleuth named Michelle,
Who said to the courts, “Oh, do tell!”
They told her the facts, 
Illuminating criminal acts,
So her clients chose good personnel!

On any given day, Michelle will be found tirelessly asking questions and pursuing elusive answers that would confound most mere mortals. While she has not yet solved the puzzle of the origin of the Universe, she can tell you all about the Rubik’s cube like world of Commercial Investigations LLC, a company she founded in 2004 after sleuthing her way through several other states on top secret missions. 

Please see her bio here in case you are equally as curious!