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Mugshot Monday

Recently Commercial Investigations has been expanding our team, so we’d like to welcome Joshua Landy!

Josh says the best way to start his morning is waking up to his alarm, giving his dog Mulan some love, and eating cereal while watching ESPN (Cinnamon Toast Crunch is his favorite).  Josh is determined to be a successful working man who can provide for his family.  He also aspires to win every football fantasy league, EVER.  Eating sweet potato pie with vanilla ice cream and homemade macaroni and cheese are two good reasons why Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday.  Also enjoyable during the holiday season is picking on his younger relatives, and Black Friday shopping.  Josh says the best advice he has ever received is, “Surround yourself with successful people if you want to be successful.”  Although, he still hasn’t grown out of leaving his room a mess.

Welcome Joshua!

CIware 2.0 Reporting and Communication

CIware 2.0 allows for improved interactions with CI staff regarding your background investigations.  Whether it be a group of backgrounds or an individual background investigation, users can communicate directly within CIware 2.0.  As always, you can use email if it is your preferred communication tool, but this option can help you avoid switching to an email application to ask a question or follow up on something.  We are confident you will love it as much as we do!  We’re always be happy to hear from clients via phone as well.

Also, account administrators have virtually unlimited reporting options in CIware 2.0!  Our staff at Commercial Investigations see that some of the most popular reports are the Invoice Report, Turnaround Time Reports and Department Allocation Reports.

Email us at [email protected] or call 800-284-0906 with a date and time that works for you to get a customized webinar overview of CIware 2.0.  We will schedule a conversion date before the sun sets. 

CIware 2.0 - Endless Options

Commercial Investigations has been busy converting clients over to our enhanced software, CIware 2.0.  Our new software platform works on all devices, from cell phones and tablets, to MACs and PCs.  CIware 2.0 users also enjoy the improved quick and easy online password reset feature, which eliminates the need to contact a CI staff member to have your password reset! 

There are many customizable email notification options within CIware 2.0, e.g. immediate notification when derogatory information is identified and verified.  This draws your attention to adverse information sooner rather than later, so you don’t waste valuable time during the recruiting process.  Users can also be notified by email when a report is complete, or when each portion of the report is complete.  The options are endless!

Call or email us to get a customized webinar overview of CIware 2.0 and a conversion scheduled.

Background Investigations - Simplifying the Order Process

The staff at Commercial Investigations continues to amaze clients while demonstrating the many customizable features of our CIware 2.0 software platform for conducting background investigations.  It offers many customizable features, that business owners and human resource departments are raving about!

Our president, Michelle Pyan, especially likes the Applicant Quick Invite feature.  With only first name, last name, and email address, an applicant is invited to complete the online electronic consent form.  Subjects are guided through a quick and easy application process by using a computer, tablet or cell phone.  To save recruiters the hassle, invitations are automatically resent each day for 5 days if an applicant hasn’t completed their background consent form. 

If you choose, applicants can also include their employment history, education details, and reference contact information.  Since applicants enter this information themselves, many are enjoying reduced data entry errors and a significant time savings.

After we receive the information from the subject, you can either opt to have the background investigation begin immediately, or you can have it save to a draft format and be choosier as to which investigations to move forward with.

We are converting all of our clients over to CIware 2.0, one at a time. Let us get you started today - you'll find it painless and efficient, we promise!  Watch for more exciting features explained soon.

Yvonne Weis - Mugshot Monday Installment #28


We’d like to introduce you to a new member of our team, Yvonne Weis!  Yvonne celebrates her Native American Mohegan Tribe heritage by attending Pow Wows in Connecticut, and has also lived in Mississippi and New York.  Yvonne always has a funny story to share, especially about her two boys.   She is also a great cook, (cheesy chicken stuffing bake being one of her all-time favorites) and we are all in agreement that keeping up to the rigors of this job requires delicious sustenance on a regular basis.  You can find Yvonne and her family on dirt bikes and baseball diamonds.  She is always out and about stirring up fun.  Welcome aboard, Yvonne!

Mindy Weis - Mugshot Monday Installment #27

Please help us welcome Mindy Weis, who has joined
team at Commercial Investigations! 

Being super adventurous and a NASCAR enthusiast, we're worried she will undoubtedly go to a race hop into a NASCAR herself one of these days!  She is also a visually inspired cook, so she will check out her Pinterest boards and then make dinner.  Since her relatives and friends hang around her house all the time waiting to be fed, she is clearly an expert at this (and now we can’t wait until our next potluck)!  Welcome to our team, Mindy.

Erika Parkis - Mugshot Monday Installment #23

Thanks, Loretto Management Corporation, for being a CI client!

As a valuable member in recruiting for Loretto, Erika Parkis accepted her mission and took a few moments to send us her Mugshot!  Erika is a prized client, who enjoys drinking hot chocolate out of her mug on a snowy day.  We thank you for your due diligence, Erika.  We appreciate you!

Why Wed - Why do I get an investigator answering the phone when I call CI?

We know your time is important, and we make our most knowledgeable staff accessible as soon as the phone is answered. When you call, anyone that answers can take a reference, employment or education verification, or answer almost any customer service related question. We want you to feel as though there is a knowledgeable staff member immediately available to help you during business hours.


We are proud to be Your Proactive Truth Partner™!

Call us today at 1-800-284-0906.

Why Wed - Why is running a motor vehicle report good practice?

A motor vehicle report is an often overlooked little gem when it comes to background investigations. Whether an applicant will be assuming a position that requires them to drive or not, a motor vehicle report can provide a more comprehensive understanding of an applicant.


A motor vehicle report will reveal a suspended or revoked license, patterns of reckless behavior, insurance risks and/or substance abuse. You can also obtain continuous monitoring of your employees' driving records and receive alerts of any changes that may occur within hours of an incident.

Contact our business development team to learn more.

Why Wed – Why switch to CIware 2.0?

We are rapidly converting clients to CIware 2.0.  Everyone is raving about its ease of use, enhanced security, and modern look.  Clients are also realizing a decrease in the cost of 3rd party fees due to improvements in vendor relations. 

One satisfied client told our investigators, “I just love being able to use Chrome or Firefox with the new software, and I’m able to see real time updates!”  But don’t just take our word for it – find out for yourself how much better your background investigation experience will be. 

Let’s put you on the fast track - contact one of our business development team members today!

Friday Funnies

While trying to complete a background investigation, one of our investigators asked a reference, "Do you know of any major accomplishments that she has achieved?"  The reference responded, "Hmmm…  well she's never had the po po called on her, so I guess that's pretty great!"

You can read more of our Friday Funnies on facebook or our other social media outlets.

Why Wed – Why Choose a Woman-Owned Business? 

Choosing a woman-owned business can help companies and state and federal contractors fulfill their requirements for using minority-owned businesses. “Becoming certified as a woman-owned business through The Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) provides us with a solid validation and makes us extremely competitive,” president Michelle Pyan explained when asked about the importance of this certification. 

Commercial Investigations not only has this certification, but we are also experts and industry leaders!  Partner with us and have the peace of mind that your background investigations are being done with quality and integrity.

Mugshot Monday #15

Michelle Pyan is CI’s founder, President, and Sleuth Extraordinaire.

Her legendary curiosity leads her into amazing places, and inspired us to craft the following limerick in her honor: 

There once was a sleuth named Michelle,
Who said to the courts, “Oh, do tell!”
They told her the facts, 
Illuminating criminal acts,
So her clients chose good personnel!

On any given day, Michelle will be found tirelessly asking questions and pursuing elusive answers that would confound most mere mortals. While she has not yet solved the puzzle of the origin of the Universe, she can tell you all about the Rubik’s cube like world of Commercial Investigations LLC, a company she founded in 2004 after sleuthing her way through several other states on top secret missions. 

Please see her bio here in case you are equally as curious!