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Announcing a Change in Some Employment Verifications

The Work Number, an Equifax company, has announced a change in their employment verification process. This change ultimately affects their pricing model.

Current Process
When Commercial Investigations LLC completes an employment verification with employers who use The Work Number, a specific employer code is used to get results.

Beginning September 2018
The Work Number is requiring that CI, and other members in the industry, search using the subject's social security number when an employer processes employment verifications through The Work Number. This may result in many employment verification results, and hopefully, the one you are requesting.

When the new process begins, third party add-on fees will be $22.75 for the first employer and $22.75 for the second and any additional employers. So, the total third party data access fee will be a maximum of $45.50. These fees will be passed on as incurred as normal. In some instances, we anticipate this creating an increase in costs for those who do employment verifications. 

Commercial Investigations LLC is not in favor of this change and will continue to voice concerns to Equifax along with other members of the industry. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in the meantime since there is no other option available to get the necessary information.

If you have any comments or questions,please don't hesitate to contact us at 800-284-0906.

Michelle Pyan